Thursday, February 11, 2016

Preschool . . . letters H and I

So last week I hosted preschool at my house.  We were on the letter H.  We did "healthy heart" on Tuesday and learned about our hearts, made toy stethoscopes (which didn't really work, but whatevs), and did my wonderful ABC Yoga DVD.  Awesome.

Thursday was just "hearts" and so we did lots of candy-heart stuff and frosted cookie bars, etc.

Then this past Tuesday I did it again b/c the gal that was supposed to couldn't.  We did the letter I - which is funny b/c we aren't doing it in ABC order, but this worked out as such.  The kids are cute and sweet - for the most part . . .

 Yoga . . . on camping mats.  Just like last year.  :)

 Just too cute.  They super loved it and were super in to it.

 Here's the group frosting their cookie bars.  I had given them STRICT instructions to not lick their knives.  I think I scared them enough that no one did.  :)

 Lucy working very diligently on her cookies.  She loaded them up with candy hearts galore!

 Odell and Isaac - our lone boy.

 Jane wanted me to take her picture of her lovely cookies.  I caught a great shot of Lucy in the background . . . :)

 Graphing candy hearts.  I do love me some graphs!

 The good student Lucy.

I is for igloo.  I had put all the stuff the kids had made in a grocery bag . . . including the marshmallow igloos they made.  As the parents came and we visited on the porch, I went in to grab Odell's (Scarlett is pictured above) bag.  Lo-and-behold Wilson's face was stuffed inside eating all of her igloo's marshmallows.  Wilson!

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erinmalia said...

haha. lucy looks HUGE! I can't wait to see her in person! maybe we should celebrate all four August birthdays. well, maybe not. you probably want to do things at home for them.