Sunday, February 07, 2016

Ski Trip 2016

This year, for our annual 2-day/1-night ski trip, we went to Powderhorn.  Powderhorn is located on the Grand Mesa - a winter wonderland.  As we climbed higher and higher on the mountain road, the wall of snow on the sides grew taller and taller.  It's always impressive!

Since the temperature was not hitting double-digits until after 11 or so, we decided to do a 1/2 day of skiing on Friday.  Lucy and I got lift tickets for the "EZ rider" lift only that day and we hung out there all afternoon.  This was Lucy's first time really skiing on her own down the mountain.  We didn't tether her up or anything!  The runs off the EZ rider lift are perfect for her and we were able to practice our turns and just have fun.  Lucy did great.  Ben and the other kids mainly hung out elsewhere on the mountain - having a great time as well!  As Ben said, "It's the first time in 10 years [though, really, it's more like 12] that I've actually got to really ski!"  Miles, Jonas, and Emmy are now adept enough skiers that it's actually fun for us adults as well.  Ben took the kids down lots of blues and they did awesome.  The boys went on a couple of black-diamond mogul runs and Ben said they did great there, too.

We had a fun night at our place we stayed at - that was literally right on the mountain.  In fact, you can just ski right up to it!

Saturday morning we were back at the mountain for a full-day of skiing.  Lucy and I got to go on the fast quad lift and there was a great green-run off it they we did a few times.  I did a couple runs with the older kids and enjoyed some "real" skiing.  Honestly, it was amazing to ski!  Then I hung out with Lucy for the rest of the day on the EZ lift and had a good time there, too.

It's always an awesome family adventure and neat to see our kids getting better each year!

 The crazy, goofy boys playing Catan.

 I had to post this picture because it's the only one of Ben!  We had a good time playing Catan - especially Ben as he won.  :)

 The girls enjoyed reading some books they found at the place.

 Two cute girls on the lift.

 Four awesome skiers!

 Me and my skiing buddy.  :)

 Awesome Jonas.  But I can't stand how he slouches on the lift!  Aiyiyi, he's just gonna slip off one of these days . . . kidding (I hope).

 I don't know how many times I heard Emmy say, "I love skiing!"

Jonas, our little trickster!

Lucy loved going on the "rollers."

This was a fun run - the "magical forest," as it was called.  There were these little animal cut-outs and we'd ski back and forth to each animal.  Fun, fun.


erinmalia said...

seriously, kids growing up is the greatest. look at what they can do! plus they all look so cute, which is the most important thing. hahaha. this definitely registers a 10 on the jealousy scale. :)

erinmalia said...

watched the videos: so fun! just imagine how great skiing will be with everyone in a couple of years. so much fun.