Wednesday, March 09, 2016


AKA, the day Miles turned 12!

We had a full and busy day - but I hardly took pictures.  Hmm.  The kids were up by 6:15 because Miles had wrestling at 7 and everyone wanted to get up in the morning with him to watch him open a present, eat yummy breakfast cereal, and maybe wish him a "Happy birthday."

I checked out all the kids and took them to Dragon Wall for lunch - a Chinese buffet restaurant.  Miles loves it.  The other kids had never been and so it was fun for them, too.

We all picked up Miles from school and went straight to Northside to help out at the book fair for just a little bit.  Plus, I had parent-teacher conferences as well.

We got home and Miles had fun playing with a mini-droid thingy he had bought a few days earlier - it just came today, perfect timing.  We ate dinner - honey lime chicken enchiladas, per Miles' request.

Then Miles opened his gifts.  He got some books and candy.  He got a lot of art supplies - canvases, a cool pencil set, plus an "art set."  He has markers, colored pencils, oil pastels (lots of them), and acrylic paints.  He had asked for this and wanted to make sure it had oil pastels - his set does, like 36 of them.  He also got a lego set - a bird one.  It's really neat and Miles was actually surprised at this gift and super thrilled.  He also got cash from his sets of grandparents - the bills were floating on the ends of balloons.  He was super-excited about that as well.

We ate some cake.  Miles has decided that he really isn't a fan of regular cakes and so he wanted monkey bread.  I homemade one - I think it's the first (perhaps 2nd) time I've ever done monkey bread.  It could have used more gooey sauce and less wax (thanks to Jonas and I sticking in the candles when the bread was too hot . . .).  But pretty yummy nonetheless.

Miles started working on his legos for a bit and Ben and I worked on getting a projector set up downstairs (we checked one out from the library - mainly for Miles' party tomorrow.  We thought it would be good to do a test-run tonight.)

Then the boys settled down to watch the 7th Harry Potter movie - the final movie.  However, book 7 is split in to two movies, so half of the final, really.  :)

The girls got to each pick a netflix show to watch and then I got them to bed.

I think Miles had a good day and felt loved!

 Miles got a bike for his birthday as well.  But this wasn't something he had been asking for - it was something more that he just needed.  Remember how I mentioned he likes to hang on to the hold - yep, that includes his old bike.  But it just needed a lot of work and all that work would have been more than the bike was really worth.  So we decided to get him a new one - and let him go with Ben to pick one out.  I love the bike he chose!  Seeing as he has a few more years ahead of him of riding his bike to school each day, we thought he needed a new, good one.

 Emmy's present to him.  Miles read it to us all during cake-time.  It's pretty funny.

 The other kids had '60's day at school.  Fun, fun!

 Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . .

 Miles and his non-birthday cake of monkey bread!

The boys watching their movie.


erinmalia said...

what a fun day for a fun boy! why is there no mention of the wonderful book that he got? :) also, did you use the monkey bread recipe on foodees? that one is delicious. seriously. do it on conference sunday. rhett also wants a non-traditional cake, but like you, he wants rice krispie treat cake! (and an oreo pie.)

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Well, it looks like it was a very special birthday, Miles! We wish we had been there to celebrate with you. And, BTW, we love your cap!!!