Tuesday, March 08, 2016


When we were driving home from the pinewood derby - it was just me and the girls - Lucy was asking what we were going to do for my birthday, where we going to have a party, etc.  I guess she forgot how boring mom-birthdays really are!  :)  Then she said something like, "Well since you are the bishop mother . . . I mean the wife of the bishop . . . maybe you can sit by him at church!"  Awwww (she knows that my birthday is on a Sunday, fast Sunday at that, and Easter at that!).

This morning - at like 4:00 am or something - Lucy comes in to our bedroom and asks, "Mom, can you blow my nose for me?"  I thought that was pretty stinking cute, too.  And, no, I couldn't.  But I did try and help her blow her congested little nostrils.

Now on to Emmy . . . she told me yesterday that she really wants to buy Miles a book from the book fair happening at school - for his birthday.  I asked her what book it was.  She told me, "How to Get a Girlfriend."  Haha, it's nice to know that Emmy is looking out for her older brother.  (This book was at the last book fair and it is pretty funny!)  And, yes, I did let her use her allowance money to buy the book.

Ben and I had gotten on our kids' cases when we were in Utah.  They just weren't being nice.  So Emmy wrote this note:

The end.

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erinmalia said...

what?! who schedules fast sunday for easter sunday/your birthday?! you should complain to your bishop.

aw, those cute kids. except for when they're not being cute.