Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dear 12-year old (aka Miles),

Dear Miles,

Well, well . . . what do I say.  You decided to turn 12, huh?  In some ways, it's crazy.  In other ways, it makes sense.  You go to middle school, you ride you bike to school every day, you stay late for wrestling, etc.  And you rock a bow-tie.  So I think it's high-time you're 12.

It was a big year for you - kind of like starting kindergarten all over again . . . but this time it was middle school.  Another big adventure; an unknown for you.  You, being the oldest, have no siblings to watch and go before you.  So when people asked if you were excited about middle school, you usually responded with a honest, "I don't know."  You weren't quite sure what to expect or if you would like it.

But you seem to have adjusted great and you say you like middle school.  You come up happy each day and when I ask how your day went, you usually reply with a "great!"  Middle school isn't perfect, as you have learned already.  Some kids aren't so nice (you know, those ones in your choir class . . .), most kids use bad language, etc., etc.  But you seem to enjoy school for the purpose school was created - for learning.  You've enjoyed all of your elective classes - especially home economics and art.  You even liked choir.

You are growing up.

But sometimes (lots of times?), I wish we would see that grown-upish boy at our home way more often.  You know, the one that doesn't make noises constantly, doesn't pester his siblings every hour of the day, etc. I heard 14 was the real age when boys actually mature, so I'll give you a couple more years, I guess.  :)

Thanks to wrestling you have started showering more than twice a week - it's a miracle!  So wrestling was worth it to me for that reason alone!  I am very impressed, however, with you and wrestling.  Not that you are a great wrestler (I still think the potential is in there and I think you'll get better with each year - especially if you took some lessons from your dad . . .), but you have been happily committed to wrestling.  And it's a big commitment - especially for my kids!  You go to practice five days a week and don't get home until 5:30 - except for Wednesday when you go before school.  Again, you come home from school/wrestling practice happy and positive.  It's been great to see.

You had a good ski-season and it showed - your skill has definitely approved.  You got to be part of the middle-school ski group that went to Telluride three times on Fridays.  It was a little scary sending you off on your first alone ski-trip . . . but you did great and managed to make it back home on the bus.

You still like to hang on to the old.  You were sad to see our old floor go, you hate giving up super-holey shoes for new ones, you love your ratty old pants and will hardly wear new ones (especially not jeans - you turned anti-jean on me this year), etc.  You really are drawn to things of the past and the antique type of stuff.  Kind of like how you wanted a record player a few years back - as opposed to a new Xbox or something like that.

You continue to be a unique child, a neat child.  A loud child, too.  And we love all of you - annoying quirks and all.

Happy Birthday Miles.
love, mom