Sunday, March 06, 2016

Our Saturday

Sorry, but this is my journal of sorts and so I'm going to record my/our crazy Saturday.  I had gotten home from my snowshoe adventure Friday afternoon and Ben left shortly after for a Boy Scout camp-out.  So I was on my own for this wild and wacky Saturday morning.

I had to take Miles to the high school at 6:15 for a wrestling "weigh in."  Then we got to go back home and Miles had breakfast.  Then it was back to dropping off Miles at 7:30 for his wrestling match.  I had to take Emmy to gymnastics at 8:30.  Then I met Patty at my home and she picked up Jonas and took him to a different school activity happening that morning.  Then Lucy and I went to the high school and began watching the wrestling match.  Miles had his first match around 9:30 or 10 and got pinned (in a weird pin - he, nor I, didn't know it was considered a pin!) in the first period.  So that was that.  He ended up having to wait like another 3 1/2 hours until his next match.  He started and finished a book while he waited.  :)

I hung out there at the gym until 11:20 when I left to get Emmy from gymnastics.  Ben was actually walking in at that time and so that was good (I was nervous Miles would miss his next match if someone didn't tell him he was up!).  Patty met us at the HS and brought Jonas and stayed for a bit.  I went and got Emmy and then she and Lucy and I went back to the HS.

Miles finally wrestled again around 1 pm.  He lasted all three periods this time and wasn't horrible.  He lost 6 points to 12.  He wasn't bummed - but was probably actually happy to finally get to go home!

We did a few things at home and then it was pinewood derby time - scouts and then the ward activity.  We got home around 8 pm and we'll call that our day!

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