Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Does anyone really call it P-town?  Who knows, but now I do apparently.

Anyways, we had a great weekend in the Provo area.  We left at 6:15am and got to Provo about 5 hours later.  After introducing our kids to Jamba Juice for lunch (which they loved), we went the the BYU women's gymnastics meet.  It was great!  The kids began losing interest (yes, the girls included) towards the end, but that's okay.  It was still awesome.

After the meet we went and checked in to our hotel.  Then everyone, except me, went swimming.  I just watched - lovely.  We went to dinner - the kids thought they were going to starve to death because the line was soooo long (welcome to a "big" city, kids!).  After that we went to a BYU Dance performance.  It was . . . super weird.  You know, that "interpretive dance."  You know, where they do moves, over and over, that looks like they are stabbing themselves in the chest.  Yes, the kind of weird.  Sort-of entertaining, but not in the way is was meant.  None of us really had a clue as to what was happening in the dances.  But whatevs, it was a "cultural experience" for us all.  It was still grand because we were on the BYU campus and that is just always fun for Ben and me.

We got up Sunday and the kids greatly enjoyed the complimentary buffet breakfast in the lobby.  Miles ate a ton.  The kids liked making their own Belgium waffles.  We then headed up to Heber and met up with Christian Sabey and his family at their church.  Afterwards we hung out at their home all day - although we did get out for a "Sabbath" walk up Memorial Hill in Midway (who knew there would be that much snow on the trail?!).  It was a lovely Sunday.  We drove back down to our hotel for the night.

Monday morning I went running up to the "old" Provo temple.  It was a great run.  Then we all went swimming.  The kids gorged themselves again at the breakfast buffet.  Then we went to the Provo City Center Temple open house.  We got right in - we had tickets for 10:30, but walked right in at 10 with no problem.  The temple is beautiful.  My new favorite!  I want all our kids to get married there.  It truly was beautiful and I think the kids thought so as well.  The tour wasn't too long and so I think the kids enjoyed themselves.  :)

After lunch at the cougar-eat, we drove back to Mo-town.  It's always a little sad and hard to come back to "real life," yet good in ways, too.

 At the meet!

 Afterwards Emmy was inspired and worked a little on her beam routine.  :)

 Miles being Miles.  He found some strange seed things.

 Ben took this picture because he "just loves BYU!"  :)

 Minnie and Hope Sabey and our two girls.  They sure had fun together.  I love how Hope got a hold of Ben's ipod.  :)

 Atop Memorial Hill.  It looks dry, but it sure wasn't on the trail!

 There was still plenty of snow around Heber and Midway!  Minnie just turned four and was a fun friend to Lucy.

 We drove past my parents' home.  Miles took the picture . . . All looks well and snowy!

 The Provo City Center temple grounds.

 A bunch of cuteness.  Emmy wanted us to pose like this - each on a different step.  So we did for all our pictures.  :)

 We asked some man to take a family shot.  He snuck in one of just the two of us.  Funny.

The whole family on the temple steps.  Pretty awesome.  (Don't look to closely - my eyes and Miles' are pretty much closed!)

Emmy took bunches and bunches of videos with Ben's ipod.  Here's a couple:


erinmalia said...

hooray for provo! did you drive by my condo? i bet you didn't. sheesh. :)

hotel buffets are the best.

i can't believe how much snow is at mom and dad's house. that's crazy.

the stairs shot makes ben seem really tall. ha. if i were you, i would have made chuck stand below me, just so i could feel a bit taller for a second. well, at least closer to his height.

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

We are so glad you had a "great weekend in Utah! And it certainly looks like all of you are having fun. Mom and I especially enjoy the photos of all of you on the steps of the temple; and, although we always love the photos of the kids, we really liked the of just the two of you; what a handsome young couple! Thanks for taking the photo of our driveway; I think our renters don't like "shoveling" the snow (ha, and too bad!). We need Emmy here in Germany to assist us when we shoot videos. She does really well. Again, we're happy you had a great weekend. Love, Mom & Dad