Friday, March 11, 2016

Party at the House!

So Miles' birthday party (remember, our kids get them every four years) was on Thursday night.  The kids had a half day on Thursday and no school on Friday, so it was a good night for his party.

We started at 5:30 and had dinner.  I created a menu with coded names for the 20 dinner items - including utensils.  Like "medusa's hair" for spaghetti, "vampire goop" for spaghetti sauce, and "road splitter" for fork.  The kids had to fill out 5 things they wanted for each of the 4 courses.  Then Ben and I served up their orders.  It was pretty funny!  I think the kids really liked it, too.  They were always excited to see what crazy combination they ended up with for a course.  They really only figured out the clues once the food started arriving.  "Oh this is that."

 Miles finished up his bird lego sets and decided to put them as a centerpiece.

 The kids filling out their menus!

 Haha, this was my favorite first course:  Aiden's.  He got a toothpick (pine stick), knife (kno kneed for a k), fork (road splitter), spoon (oral cavity loader), and parmesan cheese (stinky feet).  He had no idea he ordered all the utensils!

Jonas apparently did not get any utensils, while Ivan got a spoon for his salad (rabbit's delight) and noodles.

After dinner we played some "Minute to Win It" games.  They were fun, too.  And funny.
 Oh Miles opened some present first, then on to the games . . .

 This was our second game - Face the Cookie.  You put a cookie on your forehead and have to use your facial muscles to get it in your mouth.  If it falls to the floor, you have to start over.

 Emmy had fun!

 Miles rocked this game and was the winner.  I guess he was like the grand champ or something at his 5th grade trip last year.  :)

 Awww, the sweet taste of success!

 Too funny.

 This game was "noodling" or something.  String 5 noodles on an extra long toothpick without your hands.  Aiden did great at this!

 Miles finally got his 5th noodle on.

 "Suck it Up."  You had to suck up all the marshmallows in your bowl and dump them on the table.  Ivan was the winner at this!

 Miles was a close 2nd.

"Tear it Up."  There were 8 strands of toilet paper with a cup on each end (for tension).  The kids had to knock down their strand with rubber bands.  It was tough!  Ben was surprised at the lack of rubber-band shooting skills these boys had.  Jonas was the only one that knocked his down - but since he started shooting early one round, he was disqualified!  :)

Then it was time for some peace and quiet for Ben and I the movie.  Miles chose one of his favorite movies to watch, Ice Age:  Continental Drift.  I actually do like the Ice Age movies; they are super funny.  Anyways, it was a great set-up downstairs and the kids all had fun.  And were quiet!

 It looks pretty cool and cozy down there!

Such cute sisters!

The movie ended right before 9 and that was perfect timing!  The kids all left and that was that!

A fun party for a 12-year old and his siblings and friends.

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erinmalia said...

were you exhausted?! no wonder you only do it every four years. too bad you have four kids though. hahaha. but you put together a great party! fly out here and do one for rhett please.