Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27 . . . . 2016!

14 anniversaries
4 children
3 cars
3 trucks
2 dogs
1 bird
2 hamsters
12-ish fish
8 or so chickens
4 cities lived in
3 states lived in
1 trip to the Pacific Ocean
58 or so gingerbread houses made and decorated (or helped decorate)
11 Christmas trees hunted and sawed down
8 trips to the ER
1 kid with stitches
3 trips to Yellowstone
1 40th birthday party celebration
5 years of a backyard ice rink
3 ½ years of bishoping 
100s of loaves of bread baked by me
1000s of slices of bread cut by you

We make a good team – let’s keep on counting . . .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

You never know

what you'll find when you upload your pictures.  The other day I found this gem:

We just got the Okee Dokee Brothers' newest released CD and all love it!  I think "Jackelope" might be Jonas' favorite song.  :)

Jonas makes "black-mailing" easy!  We've got some good footage to use someday . . .

Let's Play Music

Lucy has been enrolled in a "Let's Play Music" class this past school year.  She's really loved it and her sweet teacher, Ms. Marie.  Ms. Marie is in another ward and took classes to get credentialed in this music program.  It's a 2-year (school-year) program which is supposed to prepare kids for the piano.  There were two classes - a morning and afternoon one.  The parents would attend every other week.

Ms. Marie recently got diagnosed with breast cancer and so the last month has been a little crazy.  We sped things up and finished up the class with a recital on Wednesday night.  (Ms. Marie begins chemotherapy next week).

The recital was adorable.  Lucy was so excited for it and told everyone about it!
Here are all the kids - morning and afternoon classes.  We did the recital in the primary room and the moms all helped set-up - to make it as low-stress as possible for Ms. Marie.  It looked really cute - especially with the kids in it.  :)

 Lucy playing her "bells."

 This is what the kids were to do while waiting to play their bells.

 L.O.V.E.  The first semester the music CD was entitled "Red Balloons."  This past semester it was "Blue Bugs."  Ms. Marie made these cute headbands for all the kids.  The kids loved them!

 The night before Lucy, without me saying anything, asked to have her hair curly for the recital.  That meant she needed to hop in the shower - which she did willingly for like the first time ever.  Sponge curlers are the best and Lucy just looked so adorable!

 Ms. Marie gave Lucy her certificate and starbursts.


Lucy is sort of hidden, but that's okay.  This was Lucy's cute class:  Scarlett, Jane, Sophie (front row); then Lucy, Ms. Marie, Evelyn, and Tyler.

We'll miss music class!  Although it was already getting too difficult for me . . . :)

Wacky Wednesday

We, the PAC (really Patty and I) held another Spirit Day for April - this one was Wacky Wednesday.  It brought in a lot of money and kids got to be wacky - win-win!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So Randy is still here working on our home.  Nothing turns out to be simple in this house.  Unfortunately a lot of "work" done on our home was more cosmetically done - and now Randy is having to go in and fix it and do it the right way.  One case in point (there are hundreds):  he was going to start putting in our bathroom counter-top yesterday.  But the previous owners didn't even attach our cabinets to the wall correctly and there was some funky plywood board and other mish-mash work done that the counter itself wasn't close to being level.  So he had to pull off the counter (which was no easy project as the people hadn't even done that right!), attach the cabinet, make a new top, etc., etc.  But Randy expected something like that anyway . . . :)

Here are a few pictures of what's been happening with our remodel:
 We've had fake flowers up on that shelf since we've moved in . . . and I was ready for a change.  I found these prints online and ordered them.  I bought the frames at the dollar store.  I love it.  The prints match perfectly with our wall and black counter-top.  Love.

 Here are the stools we bought.  I love them, too.  The kids love them, too.  :)

 Our bathroom floor - and Randy's "stuff."  :)  It a faux-wood tile.  I love it.  Randy came up with the fancy pattern.  I think it turned out great.  Everything still needs to be grouted.

 The top part of the shower.  Randy came up with the fancy tile-work above the shower as well and I think it turned out super.

 More of our shower.  I love it!

Haha, I wanted to show the shower floor, but too much stuff was in the way.  :)  Randy cut over 250 squares from our floor tiles to make the shower floor.  It looks great!

We're getting there . . . and I can't wait to have 2 bathrooms again!!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break, 2016 - Wednesday

Wednesday was our last day.  The boys rode their scooters while I ran on the path.  That was fun.  Then we went . . . swimming!  We didn't wait until 10am that morning (we never saw any "old" people there anyways!).  :)  After swimming, Ben took the kids to the tabernacle tour while I finished cleaning up the home.  My Uncle Kim was in S.G. for the day and so he stopped in for a bit and we chatted.  That was fun.

The kids and Ben had an awesome tour and truly loved it - kids included.  We then went to Judd's for lunch - an "old-fashioned" store with old candy, fun soda flavors, ice cream, sandwiches, etc.  We ate some yummy things and then were pretty much on our way home (after we had to go back to the house and fold the towels that were drying in the dryer . . . :).

We had a fine drive home and all was well when we got here.  Our dogs were thrilled to see us.  :)

 Cute girls!

 Cute boys with the toypedos!

Ben and I just laughed and laughed every time we looked at Lucy.  She just looked so . . . funny.  The picture does not do it justice - but close.  She just didn't look anything like herself in those googles.  Funny, funny.

Lucy did advance in her swimming skills quite a bit and earned "The Most Improved Swimmer" award:

Of course I don't have pictures of all the tantrums, fights, cryings, eye-rollings, etc. that happened on this trip.  But, trust me, they did happen!  A LOT.  But it still was a wonderful vacation nonetheless!

Spring Break, 2016 - Tuesday

Tuesday morning we went . . . swimming!  The boys went with their dad to a store to buy some cool swim-toy they had seen others with.  It's called "toypedo" and is pretty darn awesome, really!  It's a must for swimming in a pool.  :)  Ben was more excited, I think, than anyone else about these toys!

We also took Emmy and Miles for a hair-cut/trim at a kids-salon.  It was pretty cute.

Then we went and rented some inflatable paddleboards.  We drove out to Gunlock Reservoir.  When we got there it was soooo windy that it just would have been unsafe and difficult to paddleboard in.  So we were going to go to another spot when we came upon this pond.  Ben saw it and saw other families there and decided to go and check it out.  It turned out to be the perfect spot for our kids to paddleboard and play.

We spent all afternoon there and then came home and, after dinner, went . . . swimming again!  Aiyiyi.  :)

 Yep, this pond came complete with a rope swing!  And, yep, no surprise here - Emmy was the first one to dive in.  Mind you, this was not warm pond water.  It was freezing!  Maybe not as cold as our hike, but definitely COLD.  Emmy did it several times!

 Jonas absolutely loved paddleboarding.  He took the kids all around.  He was pretty decent at steering and just loved being out there on the water.

 I enjoyed it, too!

 She's just too cute.

 They are, too.  :)

 After I had gotten warm by paddleboarding, I decided to go for a swim.  BRRRRRR, but fun. :)

 Ben also dropped in.  :)  He did it twice, actually!

 This was how Miles did it - by hanging on until very close to the shore.

 Jonas just having fun!

Lucy would just hang on the rope and swing back to shore.  Smart girl.  :)

Spring Break, 2016 - Monday

Of course we had to do swimming in the morning.  But we did have to wait around for a little bit (curse that door sign that says "quiet hour from 8:00am - 10:00am).  So we went to the skate park and had some fun there.  Then the kids swam.  Then we went on a hike to Kannaraville Falls.  I'd seen it online and we checked it out before we came and we knew the many creek-crossings would be cold.  But you just don't understand fully what "cold" means until your feet are submersed in it.  It was FREEZING water.  It started out "fun," but towards the hikes' destination (a first of several waterfalls), it wasn't quite so "fun" to walk through the water anymore!  But it was still a very neat hike and one that I'd do again - but probably when it's a tad bit warmer.  I guess it's a hugely popular hike on holidays and weekends.  Luckily we didn't have too many crowds.

That night we went out for dinner - but unfortunately Jonas slammed his pinky in the door right before and was in enough pain to hardly eat much.  Poor kid.

There was more swimming that night, frozen yogurt, and a movie - The Secret of Roan Inish.  The secret is that the movie is sooooo weird.  I mean, we watched it all, but it was just weird.  There are no other words really.

 Ben had a blast at the skate park as well.

 Jonas loved it, of course.

 The beginning of the hike.  When hiking in the stream was a fun novelty.

 I thought it was very pretty!

 Jonas was smart and stood on a rock for some relief.  :)

 The is the part where Emmy totally lost it.  She was D.O.N.E. with the cold water!  Unfortunately this part was through a slot canyon where 1.  the water never sees the sun to warm up at all and 2.  there were no spaces to get out of the water.  Fortunately, her dad carried her.  :)  I carried Lucy - but she hardly complained the whole hike (nor did Jonas.  Miles had a freak-out due to freezing feet and not wanting to wait for us, but other than that, did okay as well.)  I don't know how Emmy managed to fake a smile amidst her wailing.

 The first waterfall - so cool!  This was our destination.  Miles was the only one who climbed the ladder.  The rest of us were too cold (at least our feet were) to do much else at this point!

 Brrrrrr.  We did find little rocks to get some relief . . .

 Then it was back out the slot canyon and back down the trail.  Lucy was pretty much all smiles.

 The final crossing!  You could have hiked on the narrow trail on the side of the stream - which 3 of us did.  But these three wanted more water.  By then, really, the water didn't feel so painful.

The kids got to play for a few minutes at the local park in town.  Fun, fun.

Spring Break, 2016 - Saturday and Sunday

Well once again we were lucky enough to go down to St. George for our Spring Break.  We weren't planning on it at all - until all the docs were going out of town and there wasn't going to be much going on for Ben . . . Luckily the S.G. home was available for us to use!

We left Friday night and all was well on the drive.  Saturday and Sunday were mainly spent watching conference via TV and church.  We did go swimming on Saturday morning.  We went for a walk on the Temple Quarry hike during sessions on Sunday.  We also went to the temple and visitor's center Sunday evening.  We might have all (minus Miles) taken a Sunday nap during some of the Sunday afternoon session . . .

Oh, Saturday morning Emmy came running with me and did great.  She ran in her crocs and PJs.  So cute.

 Miles and Ben - Miles attended his first Priesthood session.

 Hmmmm, why were they laughing/looking like that?!  Only three of us will ever know . . .

 While Ben and Miles were away, I took the other kids and myself out for a scooter ride on a nearby path.  It was pretty much all uphill on our way out - which meant the coming back was fast and fun.  :)  What a cute bunch I got to ride with!

Sunday . . .
 Miles brought his art set and did some painting on Sunday morning.

Lucy helped cut strawberries for our traditional "conference breakfast."

YUM, Finnish pancakes!  The kids (and parents) love them!