Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let's Play Music

Lucy has been enrolled in a "Let's Play Music" class this past school year.  She's really loved it and her sweet teacher, Ms. Marie.  Ms. Marie is in another ward and took classes to get credentialed in this music program.  It's a 2-year (school-year) program which is supposed to prepare kids for the piano.  There were two classes - a morning and afternoon one.  The parents would attend every other week.

Ms. Marie recently got diagnosed with breast cancer and so the last month has been a little crazy.  We sped things up and finished up the class with a recital on Wednesday night.  (Ms. Marie begins chemotherapy next week).

The recital was adorable.  Lucy was so excited for it and told everyone about it!
Here are all the kids - morning and afternoon classes.  We did the recital in the primary room and the moms all helped set-up - to make it as low-stress as possible for Ms. Marie.  It looked really cute - especially with the kids in it.  :)

 Lucy playing her "bells."

 This is what the kids were to do while waiting to play their bells.

 L.O.V.E.  The first semester the music CD was entitled "Red Balloons."  This past semester it was "Blue Bugs."  Ms. Marie made these cute headbands for all the kids.  The kids loved them!

 The night before Lucy, without me saying anything, asked to have her hair curly for the recital.  That meant she needed to hop in the shower - which she did willingly for like the first time ever.  Sponge curlers are the best and Lucy just looked so adorable!

 Ms. Marie gave Lucy her certificate and starbursts.


Lucy is sort of hidden, but that's okay.  This was Lucy's cute class:  Scarlett, Jane, Sophie (front row); then Lucy, Ms. Marie, Evelyn, and Tyler.

We'll miss music class!  Although it was already getting too difficult for me . . . :)

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erinmalia said...

super cute! so sorry for Ms. Marie.