Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break, 2016 - Monday

Of course we had to do swimming in the morning.  But we did have to wait around for a little bit (curse that door sign that says "quiet hour from 8:00am - 10:00am).  So we went to the skate park and had some fun there.  Then the kids swam.  Then we went on a hike to Kannaraville Falls.  I'd seen it online and we checked it out before we came and we knew the many creek-crossings would be cold.  But you just don't understand fully what "cold" means until your feet are submersed in it.  It was FREEZING water.  It started out "fun," but towards the hikes' destination (a first of several waterfalls), it wasn't quite so "fun" to walk through the water anymore!  But it was still a very neat hike and one that I'd do again - but probably when it's a tad bit warmer.  I guess it's a hugely popular hike on holidays and weekends.  Luckily we didn't have too many crowds.

That night we went out for dinner - but unfortunately Jonas slammed his pinky in the door right before and was in enough pain to hardly eat much.  Poor kid.

There was more swimming that night, frozen yogurt, and a movie - The Secret of Roan Inish.  The secret is that the movie is sooooo weird.  I mean, we watched it all, but it was just weird.  There are no other words really.

 Ben had a blast at the skate park as well.

 Jonas loved it, of course.

 The beginning of the hike.  When hiking in the stream was a fun novelty.

 I thought it was very pretty!

 Jonas was smart and stood on a rock for some relief.  :)

 The is the part where Emmy totally lost it.  She was D.O.N.E. with the cold water!  Unfortunately this part was through a slot canyon where 1.  the water never sees the sun to warm up at all and 2.  there were no spaces to get out of the water.  Fortunately, her dad carried her.  :)  I carried Lucy - but she hardly complained the whole hike (nor did Jonas.  Miles had a freak-out due to freezing feet and not wanting to wait for us, but other than that, did okay as well.)  I don't know how Emmy managed to fake a smile amidst her wailing.

 The first waterfall - so cool!  This was our destination.  Miles was the only one who climbed the ladder.  The rest of us were too cold (at least our feet were) to do much else at this point!

 Brrrrrr.  We did find little rocks to get some relief . . .

 Then it was back out the slot canyon and back down the trail.  Lucy was pretty much all smiles.

 The final crossing!  You could have hiked on the narrow trail on the side of the stream - which 3 of us did.  But these three wanted more water.  By then, really, the water didn't feel so painful.

The kids got to play for a few minutes at the local park in town.  Fun, fun.

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erinmalia said...

well yeah it wasn't painful anymore--feet were numb! dude, this hike looks awesome. remember to tell me to do it next time i'm in st. george. my eastern boys just don't understand slot canyons!