Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break, 2016 - Saturday and Sunday

Well once again we were lucky enough to go down to St. George for our Spring Break.  We weren't planning on it at all - until all the docs were going out of town and there wasn't going to be much going on for Ben . . . Luckily the S.G. home was available for us to use!

We left Friday night and all was well on the drive.  Saturday and Sunday were mainly spent watching conference via TV and church.  We did go swimming on Saturday morning.  We went for a walk on the Temple Quarry hike during sessions on Sunday.  We also went to the temple and visitor's center Sunday evening.  We might have all (minus Miles) taken a Sunday nap during some of the Sunday afternoon session . . .

Oh, Saturday morning Emmy came running with me and did great.  She ran in her crocs and PJs.  So cute.

 Miles and Ben - Miles attended his first Priesthood session.

 Hmmmm, why were they laughing/looking like that?!  Only three of us will ever know . . .

 While Ben and Miles were away, I took the other kids and myself out for a scooter ride on a nearby path.  It was pretty much all uphill on our way out - which meant the coming back was fast and fun.  :)  What a cute bunch I got to ride with!

Sunday . . .
 Miles brought his art set and did some painting on Sunday morning.

Lucy helped cut strawberries for our traditional "conference breakfast."

YUM, Finnish pancakes!  The kids (and parents) love them!


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

What a handsome father and son, preparing to attend the Priesthood meeting. Did they just go to the chapel across the street?

erinmalia said...

um, was there a fart involved in that laughing? just a guess.