Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break, 2016 - Tuesday

Tuesday morning we went . . . swimming!  The boys went with their dad to a store to buy some cool swim-toy they had seen others with.  It's called "toypedo" and is pretty darn awesome, really!  It's a must for swimming in a pool.  :)  Ben was more excited, I think, than anyone else about these toys!

We also took Emmy and Miles for a hair-cut/trim at a kids-salon.  It was pretty cute.

Then we went and rented some inflatable paddleboards.  We drove out to Gunlock Reservoir.  When we got there it was soooo windy that it just would have been unsafe and difficult to paddleboard in.  So we were going to go to another spot when we came upon this pond.  Ben saw it and saw other families there and decided to go and check it out.  It turned out to be the perfect spot for our kids to paddleboard and play.

We spent all afternoon there and then came home and, after dinner, went . . . swimming again!  Aiyiyi.  :)

 Yep, this pond came complete with a rope swing!  And, yep, no surprise here - Emmy was the first one to dive in.  Mind you, this was not warm pond water.  It was freezing!  Maybe not as cold as our hike, but definitely COLD.  Emmy did it several times!

 Jonas absolutely loved paddleboarding.  He took the kids all around.  He was pretty decent at steering and just loved being out there on the water.

 I enjoyed it, too!

 She's just too cute.

 They are, too.  :)

 After I had gotten warm by paddleboarding, I decided to go for a swim.  BRRRRRR, but fun. :)

 Ben also dropped in.  :)  He did it twice, actually!

 This was how Miles did it - by hanging on until very close to the shore.

 Jonas just having fun!

Lucy would just hang on the rope and swing back to shore.  Smart girl.  :)


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

We've driven by this pond many times, but we've never seen anyone swimming in it. It really looks like fun, though. Had you driven the entire loop to Veyo, there is a fabulous "pie" place there in town...on the right as you approach the main highway! More fun.

erinmalia said...

hope you didn't get leeches! kidding. and an action shot of you?! what a treat!