Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break, 2016 - Wednesday

Wednesday was our last day.  The boys rode their scooters while I ran on the path.  That was fun.  Then we went . . . swimming!  We didn't wait until 10am that morning (we never saw any "old" people there anyways!).  :)  After swimming, Ben took the kids to the tabernacle tour while I finished cleaning up the home.  My Uncle Kim was in S.G. for the day and so he stopped in for a bit and we chatted.  That was fun.

The kids and Ben had an awesome tour and truly loved it - kids included.  We then went to Judd's for lunch - an "old-fashioned" store with old candy, fun soda flavors, ice cream, sandwiches, etc.  We ate some yummy things and then were pretty much on our way home (after we had to go back to the house and fold the towels that were drying in the dryer . . . :).

We had a fine drive home and all was well when we got here.  Our dogs were thrilled to see us.  :)

 Cute girls!

 Cute boys with the toypedos!

Ben and I just laughed and laughed every time we looked at Lucy.  She just looked so . . . funny.  The picture does not do it justice - but close.  She just didn't look anything like herself in those googles.  Funny, funny.

Lucy did advance in her swimming skills quite a bit and earned "The Most Improved Swimmer" award:

Of course I don't have pictures of all the tantrums, fights, cryings, eye-rollings, etc. that happened on this trip.  But, trust me, they did happen!  A LOT.  But it still was a wonderful vacation nonetheless!


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Great photos of everyone!

erinmalia said...

what? your kids have tantrums and fights? maybe we need to rethink you coming out. hahahaha. nah, we'll just put them all outside in the tent while we eat adult food inside.