Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Outing on our Bikes

Last Saturday Ben went horseback riding with his co-worker Laura.  So as we were trying to figure out what to do this Saturday (we were doing the figuring on Saturday at 11am - after all the chores were done), Ben thought we could bike-ride where he went riding.  So we loaded our bikes and took our 2 vehicles . . . leaving one at the bottom and riding the other to the top.  We had a fun, and sometimes muddy, ride down the trail - with just a little bit of up!  It was really a great ride.

Here we all are - minus photo-taker Ben.  Ben didn't think the girls could manage it (which they probably couldn't have) and so he awesomely took them along in the bike trailer.

Brigham had the time of his life.  He had already run with me 8 miles in the morning and then probably did a bunch more miles running around in the forest!  Luckily he was running so fast with the boys at one point that the scary pit-bulls didn't notice him (just Ben and I as we came up a few seconds later . . . ).

Emmy and Ben enjoying a snack.  It was so beautiful up there (the forest right in our town . . . just about 25 minutes from us).

And Lucy and Ben.  She didn't want to get left out of getting a photo with her handsome dad.  :)

The bike-riders!

Seriously, at times it was so bumpy and dippy that it was like a roller-coaster ride in the forest for these girls.  Ben loved pulling them along.  The girls LOVED their ride and were just silly and goofy and giggly the whole time.

The forest looks good on this dog!

Jonas managed to eat a sucker and ride a bike at the same time.  He only dropped the sucker once . . . but he kept eating it.

Brigham found a nice, yet disgusting, pond to cool off in.  He used to be afraid of the water, but apparently not now.  At first he went in and just stayed there.  We all thought he had gotten stuck.  But I called him out and he came.  Then he went back in several times.  Funny pup.

Do not watch if you get motion-sickness.  :)  I took this while riding my bike.  A very brilliant thing to do.

It was so great to get out and be active together.  We all loved it and want to do it again!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ben's dream; Emily's nightmare

Ben has been working a lot on getting his boat up and working.  The engine wouldn't turn on.  I wasn't overly sad - but I guess I was for Ben's sake.  :)  Randy came over on Thursday night and they were able to fix the problem and get the engine going.  So I thought that Randy should be the person that went sailing with Ben . . . :)

Ben got off early on Friday and so he really wanted to go out on the boat.  I didn't - it just makes me nervous.  Then combine that with predicted thunderstorms in the area, I was even less excited.  But I know how much Ben wanted to, so I agreed to - but I wasn't excited . . . (but I wasn't mad either).

Here we are getting the boat in the water.  Remember when I had come up with the coolest name for the boat:  Je m'appelle Bateau.  It never got sold on Ben.  But Miles came up with a name that might stick . . . Crusoe.  Ben loves it; I think it is pretty cool, too.

So it wasn't as bad as I imagined - because we didn't have any super-scary winds that tipped us over.

The girls being crazy.  Again, they spent a lot of time down in the cabin.  Lucy kept wondering when she could have her chips - she asked like 50,000 times.  Chips are a novelty around here and so apparently it was a very big deal.

The boys had a good time, too.  We were out on the water for a little over an hour when we heard the clap of thunder.  We decided to call it a day.

It was a pretty good day of sailing . . . but it still just makes me so nervous!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Temple Trip

Ack, I have forgotten to write about this!  But since we forgot to take any pictures, I wasn't reminded of it.  :)

On May 14th our ward had a temple trip to our Monticello, UT temple.  As Miles is now 12, it was his first time being able to participate in a temple ordinance - baptisms for the dead.

Miles really wanted to take some family names to the temple and so he worked on some family history (even staying after church working at the FH center) and was able to take 2 names - his great-great-great grandparents (on Great-Grandpa Miles' side).

I wanted to go and do baptisms with him, and so I got to be there for his first time.  It was awesome and I think Miles felt the same way.  He was able to do the male baptism and I was able to do the female.  It was a neat experience.  (Miles probably did about 15-20 or so baptisms total and I did quite a few as well.  All of the names the youth did (and myself) were names submitted by our ward members (well one was somebody from our stake).  Pretty cool.

Jonas, Emmy, and Lucy came and played at the next-door church.  They had a great time, too.  :)

On our way out, Miles said the when Jonas gets to go in the temple, that he (Miles) will show him all around.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

A little bit of everything!

Just random pictures I'm throwing together in one post because I'm lazy!

Last year I started the tradition of making candy grams for my kids' last day of school.  Last year I made one for everyone to share.  This year I made each their own little one.  I was pretty rushed to get them done and finished them like 2 seconds before I left to pick up the kids.

 Nothing really too original!  Emmy commented that she had a Big Hunk last year . . . I told her, "Yeah, because you always have boy-crushes!"  :)

 I'm pretty sure I had similar candy and wording last year . . . I'll have to get more original next year!

 Our bathroom is finally done!  It's wonderful to have 2 bathrooms again (we went months with only one).  I love our bathroom and think it's beautiful.  Ben finished painting the cabinets last week and it totally completed the remodel.  Awesome.  But our bathroom is tiny and so it's hard to get a good picture.

 The shower.  Love.

 Our "hole in the wall" is all framed up and finished!  It's the best.  Seriously.  I cringe every time I see an old picture of the wall.  It just really connects those 2 rooms.

And from the other side.  My "backsplash" is really cool tile - I love it.

 Emmy's 2nd-grade class.

Jonas' 4th-grade class.

Miles got a yearbook.  Fun for him!  Miles got a 3.8 GPA this past quarter.  Go Miles!  He made "honor roll" every quarter except the first.  His overall GPA stands at a 3.6.  He did really well for his first year of middle school!

And that's quite the mish-mash.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The last day of the 2015-16 School Year . . .

And here are a couple from the first day of school:

A few comments . . . yes the boys are pretty much wearing what they wore on the first day.  Miles mentioned wanting to last nite and so I found their clothes.  Emmy choose not to - fine.  Yes, my kids brushed their hair for the first day of school.  No, they did not for their last day of school.  That's how we roll . . .

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Emmy's gymnastics

Well Emmy sure does enjoy gymnastics.  She's been working on her round-off back-handsprings/flick-flacks and wanted me to take some videos of her.  So I did.  So here it is:

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I don't think I've mentioned that I am training for my first Ragnar race.  In case you don't know, a Ragnar is a team-relay run.  I've known a bunch of ladies here that have done a couple of Ragnars, but they have never interested me as you are driving, eating, sleeping all in car - and then running when it's your turn.  The whole stuck-in-a-car for 36 hours sounded miserable to me.

One day I was chatting with my sister (a year or 2 ago) and she mentioned that there are Trail Ragnars (in fact, she has done both types of Ragnars).  A trail Ragnar is where you have a base camp and all your runs originate from there.  Camping, mountains, running, friends - sounded great!  I found one here (or maybe my sister found it?!) in Colorado and got a team together.  There are 8 of us that will each be running 3 legs of the race (so 24 legs total).  It will be about a 24-hour race - we hope.  :)  The trails are steep and so we'll see how we all do!

We've been meeting Thursday evenings for the past 2 1/2 months for some training runs and those have been sooooo hard, but good, too!  This past weekend we met Friday for a meeting, then a night run (which I super-scared myself because of the mountain lions that are in the area!  But we all survived . . .:).  Then today we got up and headed out at 6 am to the trails for an early-morning trail run.  It was great!  In the "ugh, these hills are so tiring" kind of way.

My running times for the race don't seem to awful:  about 3pm, 11:30pm (luckily I have a night-running buddy that's coming just to run that leg with me!), and then 7:30am.  The hardest, steepest, and longest leg is my last run.  Boohoo.  But whatevs.

Anyways, here are a few pics from this weekend:
The beginning of our night run.  It was still a little light - and we did have that awesome full moon!  Which is also too bad because that means that our race in 2 weeks won't have a full moon.  :(

Yay, we all survived!  :)
The "before" picture of our morning run.  Sarah B., on the picture's left, is my night running buddy!  So we've got Sarah B., Brittany, Heather, Kandace, and myself.

 And the "after" picture - at least we're still smiling . . . :)  And, no, we didn't lose Sarah, she just had to get back home ASAP.

Ragnar, or I should say pre-Ragnar, has already been pretty fun!  I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away . . .

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Emmy's writings

Here are a few gems of hers lately:

 The outside of a cute card she made in school.  I find it pretty funny, too.  :)

 What a nice letter.  Several kids in her class had to write me a thank-you note.  So cute.  I loved them all, but Emmy's the most.  :)

This was in her "top secret" book she's left out on my desk for the past few weeks.  But it's no top secret to anyone around here, so I thought it okay to share.  :)  Hilarious.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wilson makes it to 14!

Well Wilson is still around and still a grump.  Sometimes he's just downright mean and nasty.  But, given that he's like 98 years old, we'll still love him and just write it off as "old age."

We got the dogs (Yes, dogs.  It's hard to give one dog a treat and not the other . . .) some fancy treats at Petco - you know, the ones my kids always beg to eat.  Plus we took Wilson (and thus Brigham) on a birthday party walk.  So it was a pretty grand day for Wilson.

 What a cute bunch!

 The cute bunch again - plus one more cutie!

 Looking good for 98 Wilson!

 Yep, we let the kids eat the dog treats.  Because they are pretty much human food - just "healthier" or something for dogs.  The dogs and kids alike loved them.  :)

The birthday walk!

So Miles is the only one who thinks Wilson will make it to 15 - but, of course, no one really knows.  We'll see what happens this year . . .

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Questionnaire, 2016

So Ben always has the kids work on a questionnaire for Mother's Day and then he reads them during dinner.  I enjoy it very much!  The kids all work on it separately.  Here it what from this year (with Miles' answers first and so on down the line . . .):

1.  My mother is (37, 37, 37, 70) years old.
Lucy was super embarrassed by her answer when she realized she was wrong.  She wanted to change it.  :)

2.  My mother was (nice, the youngest child, pretty, a kid) when she was a child.

3.  My mother is good at (being a mom, helping, making food, back handsprings).

4.  My mother likes to (cook and talk with friends, talk to people and visit, do fun things for us, run with Brigham).

5.  My mother often tells me ("Be quiet," "Clean your room," "Just stop fighting," to be nice).
Very true!

6.  My mother really wants (nice, kind kids; a happy family; nice children; nice children).
Nailed it!

7.  My mother's favorite book is (The Book of Mormon, Charlotte's Web, Peanut, her baby book).

8.  My mother's favorite movie is (I do not know, Downton Abbey, Butter, The Other Side of Heaven)
Haha, we were going to watch "The Other Side of Heaven" that night and so that must have been on her mind . . . well I enjoy it, it is not my fav.  :)

9.  My mother looks like (me and Lucy, her older sister, a nice mom, when she was a kid).
Nice, Erin!

10.  I would like to give my mother (enough money to pay off the house, a clean house, love, a birthday present).
I'm waiting . . . .

11.  My mother is special because (she is MY mother, she always helps us, she loves me, she's nice).

12.  I hope I can (be nice, clean, cook, be nice) like my mother does.

13.  Dad married mom because ("She is cute," he said that; she was pretty; she is nice and pretty; they falled in love).

14.  My mother wants me to be (sensitive, be nice to my siblings, be nice, be nice every day).

15.  I love my mother because (she is kindhearted, she is so nice, I just love her, she's the best mother ever!).

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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