Thursday, May 26, 2016

A little bit of everything!

Just random pictures I'm throwing together in one post because I'm lazy!

Last year I started the tradition of making candy grams for my kids' last day of school.  Last year I made one for everyone to share.  This year I made each their own little one.  I was pretty rushed to get them done and finished them like 2 seconds before I left to pick up the kids.

 Nothing really too original!  Emmy commented that she had a Big Hunk last year . . . I told her, "Yeah, because you always have boy-crushes!"  :)

 I'm pretty sure I had similar candy and wording last year . . . I'll have to get more original next year!

 Our bathroom is finally done!  It's wonderful to have 2 bathrooms again (we went months with only one).  I love our bathroom and think it's beautiful.  Ben finished painting the cabinets last week and it totally completed the remodel.  Awesome.  But our bathroom is tiny and so it's hard to get a good picture.

 The shower.  Love.

 Our "hole in the wall" is all framed up and finished!  It's the best.  Seriously.  I cringe every time I see an old picture of the wall.  It just really connects those 2 rooms.

And from the other side.  My "backsplash" is really cool tile - I love it.

 Emmy's 2nd-grade class.

Jonas' 4th-grade class.

Miles got a yearbook.  Fun for him!  Miles got a 3.8 GPA this past quarter.  Go Miles!  He made "honor roll" every quarter except the first.  His overall GPA stands at a 3.6.  He did really well for his first year of middle school!

And that's quite the mish-mash.


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Wow!!! We are excited for all of you that your school year is coming to an end. And, we are very proud of all of you. The remodeling looks great, too. We're sure you'll now even enjoy your home more than before. We love the clock hanging in what was/is the "yellow room." Mom & Dad/Grandma & Grandpa

erinmalia said...

everything is great! and um, if you think that bathroom is small, you've got quite the surprise here in Maryland. those kids are so cute.

Niederfam said...

LOVE your new bathroom. SUPER cute. The floor is AWESOME.

Cute kiddos in their classes......which look small. My kids have 35 in their class. Poor them, poor teachers.