Monday, May 30, 2016

Ben's dream; Emily's nightmare

Ben has been working a lot on getting his boat up and working.  The engine wouldn't turn on.  I wasn't overly sad - but I guess I was for Ben's sake.  :)  Randy came over on Thursday night and they were able to fix the problem and get the engine going.  So I thought that Randy should be the person that went sailing with Ben . . . :)

Ben got off early on Friday and so he really wanted to go out on the boat.  I didn't - it just makes me nervous.  Then combine that with predicted thunderstorms in the area, I was even less excited.  But I know how much Ben wanted to, so I agreed to - but I wasn't excited . . . (but I wasn't mad either).

Here we are getting the boat in the water.  Remember when I had come up with the coolest name for the boat:  Je m'appelle Bateau.  It never got sold on Ben.  But Miles came up with a name that might stick . . . Crusoe.  Ben loves it; I think it is pretty cool, too.

So it wasn't as bad as I imagined - because we didn't have any super-scary winds that tipped us over.

The girls being crazy.  Again, they spent a lot of time down in the cabin.  Lucy kept wondering when she could have her chips - she asked like 50,000 times.  Chips are a novelty around here and so apparently it was a very big deal.

The boys had a good time, too.  We were out on the water for a little over an hour when we heard the clap of thunder.  We decided to call it a day.

It was a pretty good day of sailing . . . but it still just makes me so nervous!


erinmalia said...

ugh...the repeated question---the bane of parenthood. :)

sorry, but i think the boat and boating looks awesome! even if it tipped, well, that's what life jackets are for, right?!

Niederfam said...

I have to agree with Erin......I LOVE boating and boats....although I'm not a HUGE fan of thunderstorms when I'm not indoors....I understand the hesitation, also I LOVE chips!!! ;)