Sunday, May 01, 2016

GOTR 2016

Yet another year of GOTR.  I've been helping out as a coach once again - but just "part-time."  Sort-of.  Some weeks are full-time.  :)

The 5K race this year was held in Montrose - a first for me!  It was so nice not to have to be gone the entire day for a 5K.

Although Emmy never really ran with the official GOTR during our training, she wanted to do the 5K.  So I registered her and she and I ran it together.  I held her hand most of the time - too keep her from going too fast AND too slow.  :)  It was awesome to do it with her.  She walked just a few times and for less than a minute each time.  Her time was 38 minutes.  She's been a little down this week with a cold and I wonder if that affected her somewhat?  She was definitely tired, but also willing to keep running and going.

Our whole family was there to cheer us on as we finished.  I then dropped off Emmy with the family and ran back to catch up with our last girls.  I finally got to them and I helped them pace themselves to a good finish.  :)

The 5K is truly the best part of the GOTR season!

 The finish!



erinmalia said...

Way to go, Ems! How come she didn't run with the girls the rest of the season?

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

I was going to say "Way to go, Emmy" but your aunt beat me to it! Anyway, Emmy, congratulations!!! Keep it up. Grandma & Grandpa G