Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Questionnaire, 2016

So Ben always has the kids work on a questionnaire for Mother's Day and then he reads them during dinner.  I enjoy it very much!  The kids all work on it separately.  Here it what from this year (with Miles' answers first and so on down the line . . .):

1.  My mother is (37, 37, 37, 70) years old.
Lucy was super embarrassed by her answer when she realized she was wrong.  She wanted to change it.  :)

2.  My mother was (nice, the youngest child, pretty, a kid) when she was a child.

3.  My mother is good at (being a mom, helping, making food, back handsprings).

4.  My mother likes to (cook and talk with friends, talk to people and visit, do fun things for us, run with Brigham).

5.  My mother often tells me ("Be quiet," "Clean your room," "Just stop fighting," to be nice).
Very true!

6.  My mother really wants (nice, kind kids; a happy family; nice children; nice children).
Nailed it!

7.  My mother's favorite book is (The Book of Mormon, Charlotte's Web, Peanut, her baby book).

8.  My mother's favorite movie is (I do not know, Downton Abbey, Butter, The Other Side of Heaven)
Haha, we were going to watch "The Other Side of Heaven" that night and so that must have been on her mind . . . well I enjoy it, it is not my fav.  :)

9.  My mother looks like (me and Lucy, her older sister, a nice mom, when she was a kid).
Nice, Erin!

10.  I would like to give my mother (enough money to pay off the house, a clean house, love, a birthday present).
I'm waiting . . . .

11.  My mother is special because (she is MY mother, she always helps us, she loves me, she's nice).

12.  I hope I can (be nice, clean, cook, be nice) like my mother does.

13.  Dad married mom because ("She is cute," he said that; she was pretty; she is nice and pretty; they falled in love).

14.  My mother wants me to be (sensitive, be nice to my siblings, be nice, be nice every day).

15.  I love my mother because (she is kindhearted, she is so nice, I just love her, she's the best mother ever!).


erinmalia said...

awwww, how cute! and not a bad answer in the bunch. except for maybe the 70 thing. :)

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

We agree with Erin...excellent answers from the kids. BTW, nothing wrong with being 70...it's much better than the alternative, that's for sure! Mom & Dad (both in their 70's (ha).

Niederfam said...

The memories! So cute.