Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Outing on our Bikes

Last Saturday Ben went horseback riding with his co-worker Laura.  So as we were trying to figure out what to do this Saturday (we were doing the figuring on Saturday at 11am - after all the chores were done), Ben thought we could bike-ride where he went riding.  So we loaded our bikes and took our 2 vehicles . . . leaving one at the bottom and riding the other to the top.  We had a fun, and sometimes muddy, ride down the trail - with just a little bit of up!  It was really a great ride.

Here we all are - minus photo-taker Ben.  Ben didn't think the girls could manage it (which they probably couldn't have) and so he awesomely took them along in the bike trailer.

Brigham had the time of his life.  He had already run with me 8 miles in the morning and then probably did a bunch more miles running around in the forest!  Luckily he was running so fast with the boys at one point that the scary pit-bulls didn't notice him (just Ben and I as we came up a few seconds later . . . ).

Emmy and Ben enjoying a snack.  It was so beautiful up there (the forest right in our town . . . just about 25 minutes from us).

And Lucy and Ben.  She didn't want to get left out of getting a photo with her handsome dad.  :)

The bike-riders!

Seriously, at times it was so bumpy and dippy that it was like a roller-coaster ride in the forest for these girls.  Ben loved pulling them along.  The girls LOVED their ride and were just silly and goofy and giggly the whole time.

The forest looks good on this dog!

Jonas managed to eat a sucker and ride a bike at the same time.  He only dropped the sucker once . . . but he kept eating it.

Brigham found a nice, yet disgusting, pond to cool off in.  He used to be afraid of the water, but apparently not now.  At first he went in and just stayed there.  We all thought he had gotten stuck.  But I called him out and he came.  Then he went back in several times.  Funny pup.

Do not watch if you get motion-sickness.  :)  I took this while riding my bike.  A very brilliant thing to do.

It was so great to get out and be active together.  We all loved it and want to do it again!

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erinmalia said...

so cool! you need to get a gopro camera. i don't know why, but it would be awesome. i bet jonas would have a blast with it!