Sunday, May 29, 2016

Temple Trip

Ack, I have forgotten to write about this!  But since we forgot to take any pictures, I wasn't reminded of it.  :)

On May 14th our ward had a temple trip to our Monticello, UT temple.  As Miles is now 12, it was his first time being able to participate in a temple ordinance - baptisms for the dead.

Miles really wanted to take some family names to the temple and so he worked on some family history (even staying after church working at the FH center) and was able to take 2 names - his great-great-great grandparents (on Great-Grandpa Miles' side).

I wanted to go and do baptisms with him, and so I got to be there for his first time.  It was awesome and I think Miles felt the same way.  He was able to do the male baptism and I was able to do the female.  It was a neat experience.  (Miles probably did about 15-20 or so baptisms total and I did quite a few as well.  All of the names the youth did (and myself) were names submitted by our ward members (well one was somebody from our stake).  Pretty cool.

Jonas, Emmy, and Lucy came and played at the next-door church.  They had a great time, too.  :)

On our way out, Miles said the when Jonas gets to go in the temple, that he (Miles) will show him all around.



erinmalia said...

aw, brothers!

Niederfam said...

What an AMAZING memory to have. Way to go guys!!!