Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wilson makes it to 14!

Well Wilson is still around and still a grump.  Sometimes he's just downright mean and nasty.  But, given that he's like 98 years old, we'll still love him and just write it off as "old age."

We got the dogs (Yes, dogs.  It's hard to give one dog a treat and not the other . . .) some fancy treats at Petco - you know, the ones my kids always beg to eat.  Plus we took Wilson (and thus Brigham) on a birthday party walk.  So it was a pretty grand day for Wilson.

 What a cute bunch!

 The cute bunch again - plus one more cutie!

 Looking good for 98 Wilson!

 Yep, we let the kids eat the dog treats.  Because they are pretty much human food - just "healthier" or something for dogs.  The dogs and kids alike loved them.  :)

The birthday walk!

So Miles is the only one who thinks Wilson will make it to 15 - but, of course, no one really knows.  We'll see what happens this year . . .

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erinmalia said...

Happy birthday old dog! Brigham looks HUGE.