Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Father's Day Questionnaires

This picture is just too good to not use again . . . Also, better late than never with this . . .

I copied Ben's Mother's Day Questionnaire and had the kids fill them out for Ben.  Here are their responses:

1.  My Dad is (40, 40, 40, 40) years old.

2.  My Dad was (nice, cool, asommm!!, nice) when he was a child.

3.  My Dad is good at (a lot of stuff, boating, playin with me, football).

4.  My Dad likes (my mom, when we are good, his family, his children).

5.  My Dad often tells me ("Miles . . .," I love you, I love you, be nice).

6.  My Dad really wants (to have kids that don't fight, to go boating in the ocean, to have nice kids, nice children).

7.  My Dad's favorite books is (I don't know what it is, Red Badge of Courage, I have nice kids, The Hobbit).

8.  My Dad's favorite movie is (same as #7, Fiddler on the Roof, October Sky, The Other Side of Heaven).

9.  My Dad looks (like my brother and sister, like an awesome person, like he is so hot  P.S.  That's probably why mom married him, for nice children)

10.  I would like to give my Dad (farm land, ________, love, a kiss).

11.  My Dad is special because (he is my dad, he is a nurse, he plays with me, he is a nice dad).

12.  I hope I can (be loving, boat, be nice, be like my dad) like my dad.

13.  Mom married Dad because (she loves him, he was good, he is nice, he is cute).

14.  My Dad wants me to be (kind always, good to my family, nice, like him).

15.  I love my Dad because (he does nice stuff for us, he is really helpful and nice, he is handsome and nice, he is good).

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erinmalia said...

aw, your kids got it right on! especially that farm land bit. :)