Sunday, June 05, 2016

Happy Birthday to Brigham!

Brigham turns one today!  He's sure grown up in the past year and we've loved having him part of our family.  I'm glad that he and Wilson have been able to know each other . . . one loves to play/pester the other and the other tolerates it okay.  :)  Wilson will just stay in one place pretty much while Brigham nips at his tail and then Wilson barks and Brigham runs around the yard.  It's pretty great!  Wilson's tail is wagging the whole time and so maybe he sort of enjoys it?!

He is the perfect running buddy and I adore having him on my runs.  He's fun and I feel much safer with him around.  Although he is constantly on the look-out and chase for birds.  Ducks especially.  As we come upon the ducks, he creeps down real low-like and walks slowly for a bit.  Then I have to reign him in and pull him away from the ducks.  :)

The kids adore him.  He's a great buddy and we sure do love, love, love him!

Lucy is always laying down on him.  He never minds.  :)

This happens sometimes when Brigham spots a bird or two in our front yard.  It's pretty funny.

We love our big beast of a dog.  He's as sweet as they come!

**Updated with more pictures from today:
 The birthday dog in his birthday hat.  We had just gotten back from a birthday walk in the woods!

 I had made him (and Wilson) his own special dog cupcake - with carrots and PB and stuff.  He loved it!  (So did Wilson - since it had carrots in it, I didn't think Wilson would eat it!)

Brigham's birthday present - a gigantic bone!

A fun day for a great dog!

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happy birthday brigham!