Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Miles' pictures from Scout Camp

So Miles got back around 3pm on Saturday.  He was happy and said he had a great time.  We asked him lots of questions and he answered them pretty well.  :)  He ended up finishing 5 merit badges - plus 1 more that needs 1 more thing to finish it up.  So 6 isn't too bad.  Especially since I asked him to do 2 required badges - Environmental Science (I was given a tip to have him do that one since it is a hard one to do "at home."  This one took the longest - most badges you get in 2-3 hours.  This one you had to spend about 2 hours at for three days.) and First Aid. He did both of those.  His electives were basketry (yes, the classic "basket-weaving"!), wood-carving, art, and leather-working.

Here are the pictures he took (well, not all of them.  I will not post the picture of the shower.  Especially b/c it reminds me of how Miles told us that some scouts pooped in them.  Disgusting!)

 The waterfront area.  Miles did not even attempt to pass the swim test - and I'm not sure he could have.  I think he said you had to swim to the dock and back two times and then back float on the 5th leg.  He really wasn't interested in the waterfront, so it all worked out.  But he still took a picture, I guess!

 Miles and his buddy and tent-buddy, Ethan.  Miles and Ethan lucked out and got a 4-person tent all to themselves.  They are the youngest.  The other youngest, Jeremiah, decided to stay in the 8-person tent - with 8 kids.  I think Miles and Ethan got a little more sleep than the other boys.  :)  Miles went with the other ward since there were no other boys from our ward going.  He was sure glad to hear that Ethan was going as well.  This was probably the 2nd day and look how filthy Miles is - that's my boy!

 Some of Miles' work:  the 2 baskets he made, his leather pouch, plus some of his merit-badge cards.  Cool!

 His camp area.

 He hiking stick he whittled away at and the leather handle.  I love it.

 Some rope-course thingy.  Not really a rope, but whatever it is.  :)


 Jeremiah on their way back home.

His camp was near Blanding, Utah - Blue Mountain Scout Camp.  Those are the blue mountains in the background.

When I asked if he missed us, Miles replied, "No."  That kid.  But he did say he wanted to call and talk to us.  :)


erinmalia said...

holy moly. he's HUGE. in some of these pictures i can just see him as a 16-year-old and it kind of freaks me out. but i'm glad he had a great time. man, i want to be in those boats!

Niederfam said...

Sounds just like Mitt to me......he said he only missed the food here at home. HA. I guess that's SOMETHING......BOYS.

Agreed Miles is getting BIG.