Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Happenings . . .

 Brigham makes a great pillow for morning reading.

 The girls, inspired by their Star Wars Dance Camp, like to practice their light-saber skills.

 Ben went boating with the boys - including Randy.  They went to the Blue Mesa and had a great time.  The boys even got to fish!

 Happy men on a boat.  The wind was pretty dead for a bit and so Randy decided to go for a swim.  Well, while he was swimming around the wind totally picked up and the boat began sailing away from him. :)  Ben was able to use his skills and maneuver (i.e., sail) the boat back to Randy.  It was fun for all!

 Brain chase has begun!

 One of my favorite pictures of all time - with some of my favorite people of all time!

Miles on Monday morning at 5:45 - heading out for Scout Camp.  We won't see or hear from him again until he comes home Saturday late afternoon!

 Yay!  Some nice friend's husband took this picture of Miles at camp and sent it to me via FB.  This is what she wrote:
Clark called and said Miles is doing awesome! He's loving being filthy!! Here is a pic of him cleaning the meat off of a pig!! . . .Clark said he was running around with the pigs head having a blast

That totally sounds like my Miles.

Yes, the house has been way quieter without Miles.  But, yes, we all miss him, too!

We've had a busy week full of library activities (a Harry Potter party and a Pond Critter activity), daily tennis lessons for Jonas (the coach loves Jonas' racket - he calls it a "classic."  An AMF Head that cost me $1 at Habitat for Humanity.), a good bike ride to Ridgway Town park today where I got to not only pull Wren but also Lucy in the trailer on the up-hill way out (long-ish story), going to a "reception" for Jonas as he won one of the 10 drawings for Alpine Bank's "Pays for A's" program (Jonas ended up getting $45 from them - for his last report card!  Lucky!), a late bike ride on this trail with friends for FHE on Monday night (it was a great way to celebrate the Summer Solstice as well as a full moon - by the time we were driving home, it was dark . . . it was a late ride, but awesome), babysitting Wren, etc., etc.  The week slows down from here thank goodness.  :)

And that's that.


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Sounds like summer is off to a great start!!! Great photos! Thanks for sharing...Mom & Dad

erinmalia said...

so why do mom and dad only comment on your blog???? hmmm.....

yay that miles is doing well!

what ARE you going to do with that amazing picture?

Niederfam said...

Scout camp.....a bitter sweet week for moms and boys......Mitt came home filthy and happy. Success.