Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Hike

So the boys were gone all week at camp and it was, of course, quieter and more peaceful.  Not that there was no fighting going on, but definitely it was decreased.  Yet, in only a motherly way, I missed my boys.  I was devastated when I didn't get their "on-the-schedule" Wednesday night call home.  Luckily they called on Thursday morning and talked and talked and talked and I hardly knew what they were talking about.  But they were having fun (I'll post their camp next, I hope!).

Anyways, Ben had already put in about 40 hours of work by Thursday and there were no surgeries on Friday, so he got the day off.  We haven't done much hiking so that was our (our = Ben and Emily, not the girls) choice of activity for the day.  I had seen another friend post some cool pictures from a hike and so we decided to explore that area.  It was cool - literally and figuratively!  Ben and I forgot to bring jackets . . . and it was cold and rainy.  But not for all of it.  It did warm up as we got close to the truck.  :)

Anyways, here are some pictures:
 Lucy and her sandwich.

 On the trail - a 4WD road.  I just thought it was so unique and pretty here!

 We made it "here" and this was our turn-around point.  There were hundreds and hundreds of sheep on the hillside.  It was exciting and awesome.  We were told by other hikers about the sheep - plus about the "sheep dogs" and how they were told the dogs were friendly to people but aggressive towards dogs.  So we put Brigham on a leash as we got close.  The dogs immediately came towards us and barked at Brigham - but I wouldn't call them aggressive.  They were doing their job of protecting their sheep.  As soon as they realized that Brigham was not a threat (partially due to the fact that he was on his leash!), they were fine and left us alone.  The girls were really scared about the approaching dogs.  Then I just sweet-talked to the dogs and they wagged their tails like crazy and that seemed to help Emmy and Lucy not be so worried.  :)

 Sniff, sniff.

 What a cool spot!

Even better with a close-up of the waterfall.

But by that time, it was chilly and so we headed down.  We spent a little bit of time in Ouray and then headed home.  It was a good day!

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erinmalia said...

It makes me happy to know that this wasn't your girls' choice of an activity. I just assumed they jumped out of bed and said, "MOM! DAD! Take us hiking in our beautiful mountain state!" :)