Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Camp Wait

So we name our camps and I'm not sure if this ever became its official name, but I'll use it for now.  We did do a lot of waiting for food to cook and for the cousins to come (not because they were late, just because our kids were too excited!).

We went close to the same spot where we camped last July 4th holiday.  It's in the Buffalo Creek wilderness and is really beautiful.  Our family headed out Thursday morning after Jonas' last tennis lesson.  We got to the area only to find Ben's hopefully camping spot taken (Ben did his pioneer treks here and so he is pretty familiar with the area).  But we found another spot and I think it was awesome.  We set up camp, the boys tried some fishing, and dinner took forever.  Since the kids were super hungry they all declared it "The Best Meal Ever!"  (It was turkey kielbasa, red potatoes, and green beans, just in case you want to have the best meal ever.  But you should wait at least 1 1/2 hours past when you thought you were going to eat to make it the best meal ever.  :) )

It rained on and off - luckily not a downpour, but definitely enough to get everything wet and our tent filthy with mud from the kids.  Kids.  Ben had put up a tarp and so we enjoyed eating under that and not getting too wet.  We had s'mores, played some UNO, read our books (well Ben, Miles and myself did), and went to bed.  We had a pretty good night and all woke up around 6am.

Friday we went on a hike - it was beautiful.  I just wanted to keep going and going, but the kids were anxious to get back to camp so they could wait around all day for their cousins to come . . . Ben got a nice 1 1/2 hour nap in; the kids and I just hung out around camp.

Around 3 we headed out the road/trail to start walking to meet up with Grandpa Max and Joe and Britt and kids (cousins).  Right where we were going to just stay and play and wait, they were there!  It was awesome timing.  Most everyone got a ride back - but Britt, Miles, Nicolas, and myself walked back.  It was super.

Friday we still had on and off rain.  Luckily we had dinner sans rain that night.  The kids just played and ran around and ate and all that good camping stuff.  We all went to bed around 10pm and, again, had a good night and again woke up close to 6am.

The kids just played a lot at the beaver dams on Saturday.  Our plan was to pack up and then after lunch drive to another trail head and do a hike.  Unfortunately the rain come down and the thunder and lightening were intense!  It was spooky.  It was literally lightening and then within a second THUNDER.  On our way out we did stop and let some of the kids shoot grandpa's 22-rifle.  The rest of us walked along the dirt road.  The roads were incredibly muddy getting out - it was crazy!  Brittany drove the Honda like a off-roading champ.  :)  The clouds were dark and so hiking was out at this point - so we just drove back to Littleton (in lots of rain!).

We had a good camping trip and loved having family come with us!  We might just do it again next year . . . :)

And here are the gazillion pictures:
 A fishing Miles.  We didn't catch anything - although we saw lots of fish jumping!

 Oh both dogs came and both dogs were in heaven.  Wilson just wandered around and strolled here and there and loved his freedom.  He dug little pits for him to sleep in.  :)  Brigham ran around with whoever was out playing and had an amazing time as well.  He spent 2 hours on Friday morning in the beaver ponds trying to catch those darn birds!  :)


 Two cute girls on Friday morning.  And one dirty Boo.

 Brigham not giving up on those birds.  :)

 Yay for fires!

 Walking up the trail . . .

 Hiking in the beautiful forest.

 Taking a break on a log of course.

 The kids downed 3 clementines each.  :)

 This picture is to show that I was there and I just love everyone else's expressions.  :)

 A cute dad and his baby.

 The hammock is always fun.

 The kids helped scoop out the oranges and we baked blueberry muffins in the peel (wrapped in foil and placed in the fire for 10 minutes - constantly rolling them around!).  They were pretty yummy!

 On Friday night the three young boys slept in a tent together.  They did great.

 This shows our main/upper camping area.  The green small tent was the boys', the big one was our family, and the one next to it was where Emma and Grace slept.  Down the little hill is the other tent with Joe, Britt, Sam, and Grandpa Max.

 Cute cousins hanging out around the fire.

 We made some wood necklaces for our "nature craft" time.  :)

 Everything got wet - either from the rain or from the ponds.  So we did lots of shoe-roasting over the fire.

 Lucy's hair all natured-up.  :)

 Everyone under the tarp waiting out the final downpour and hearing and feeling the THUNDER boom.

 The kids (minus Nicholas) getting ready for some shooting.

And of course this would happen on the drive out.  :)

Happy camping!

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erinmalia said...

so many things to say! First, the braiding. Has to be Brittany, right?! At first I was confused. :)

second, i love that you told us what time you woke up each morning. it's such an important part of camping.

third, that wilderness camping is so different from camping out here! wilderness just doesn't really exist nearby. all our spots are designated and set off with picnic tables and fire rings. this is so primitive (in a good way, obviously).

finally, with all that rain, maybe you should think about getting a scamp. :) hahaha.