Thursday, July 07, 2016

Swimming on July 4th

So our July 4th holiday was pretty much a repeat of last year (camp, Littleton, etc.) - and July 4th itself was no exception.  We started the morning with a run for me and Brigham, while Ben rode his bike with us.  Then we went to a breakfast at some of Jim and Diana's friends from their ward.  Ben knows them, too, of course.  Joe and his family came as well.  Well, except for Sam and Emma as they were at work (more on that in a bit).

After breakfast we went home and packed up the truck.  Then we went swimming.  We went to where Sam and Emma are lifeguards; it was totally fun to see them at their job.  :)  Lucy would always say, "Hi Sam," or "Hi Emma."  Cute, cute.

Our kids went off the high-board for their first times - with Emmy doing it first, of course!  She did it twice and then Jonas wanted to try.  But he actually got back down - via the ladder - his first try.  A little bit later he did it.  Miles loved it, too.  The diving board was a huge hit and the cousins even had competitions (for smallest splash, etc.).  Fun times for sure!

 Emmy on the low-dive - I love how it looks like she is walking on water.  :)

 Cute cousins, Nicholas (age 8) and Jonas (age 10).

 There goes Emmy!

 And there goes Jonas - in pretty much the same form!  :)

 Lucy and I had fun playing in the water while the other kids dived.  Lucy worked on her dives as well - it's tricky in a life-jacket.  :)

And there goes Miles!

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erinmalia said...

I love Lucy's pointed toes! I'm not even sure I could do the high dive. Ha.