Friday, August 19, 2016

And She's Officially Off to Kindergarten . . .

Well my baby is now at kindergarten and will be there all day long!  I hope she has a great day.  I will miss my little baby, side-kick, grocery-shopping buddy, lunch companion, and more.  :)

She ended up getting in to Mrs. Arrechea's class - whom Emmy had for kindergarten as well.  Mrs. Arrechea is a fabulous teacher and so we are excited for Lucy!

There are three little best buddies in our neighborhood that all started kindergarten at Northside - Lucy, Dory, and Genevieve.  They all ended up in the three different kindergarten classes.  :)  On purpose.  As Mrs. Arrechea told me - there are not that many high-achieving good girls starting Northside and so they split them up so each teacher got one of our sweeties.  But the three friends will be able to play during their two recess times!

I told Lucy to learn some new names and meet new friends in her class today.  We'll see how she does!


erinmalia said...

So exciting for both of you! Hope she had a great day!

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Congratulations, Lucy!