Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dear Beautiful Emmy,

Happy birthday Emmy dear!  You are now 9 years old - one more year to double-digits and, thus, a later bedtime (which you are excited about!).

Another year and you've indeed grown taller.  You're pretty tall for our family actually - way taller than Miles and Lucy when we compare your heights at the same age.  You use to always beat Jonas as well - but that gap has been closing.  We'll see what it is for this year!

You had another great year at school with Mrs. Cretti in the 2nd grade.  Your best-friend was Analisea and you two had a lot of fun together in class - sometimes too much fun.  :)  You continue to learn and grow in all your schooling.

One of the biggest achievements for you this year was that you got to be on the pre-team at gymnastics.  The pre-team and team girls meet together and so you get to be close to the team girls as well.  You've done great at gymnastics (you even got your round-off back-handspring!) and your muscles are pretty great.  You spend anywhere from 4-7 hours a week at the gym and you are always happy and upbeat when we pick you up from class.

I thought gymnastics would stimulate you dinner appetite and that you would come back from 2 hours of gymnastics starving and would *gasp* eat!  But, alas, that was not so.  In fact, it has almost lessened it!  I do give you a snack right before gymnastics - energy balls are a favorite - and maybe that fills you up too much?!  Who knows, but you are just such a dainty dinner eater - usually. . . 

Unless dinner consists of tilapia.  Then you'll chow down 3 fillets.  It's awesome.  In fact, that's your birthday dinner wish for tonight - tilapia!

You continue to be sugar and spice.  You can and are so sweet to Lucy and you two can play so wonderfully and you often times just want to stay home and play with Lucy.  But if Lucy gets frustrated or mad at you, you lose it in one millisecond and declare, "I'm not ever playing with you again!"  Then you play with Lucy a few minutes later . . .

You go crazy on me lots, too.  Perhaps you're more sugar, spice, and FIRE.  :)

But I love you always and forever and no matter what.