Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dear Lucy Dee,

It's your day finally!  Your family has been subjected to your talking of your birthday for a couple of weeks now.  :)  You are always just so excited for your special day.  It's very sweet and cute (and sometimes annoying . . . )!

You've had another great year with lots of learning and lots of living!  We did your second year of home-school pre-school and it was great and you loved it.  I was always proud of you when I hosted it at our home - I could see how much you knew and how smart you were getting.  It was such a joy for me to do pre-school for all my kids - you included.  You made some great friends at preschool - and you'll even be starting kindergarten with one of them at your very own school (Dory).

You and Dory were quite the friends and had lots and lots of play-dates.  It's nice that she lives just a street over.  You were usually the best-of-friends and could play for hours without me needing to do a thing.  You two had your moments, but not too many of them - especially for a couple of 5-year olds. You two especially loved jumping on the tramp and playing in forts.

You skied on your own this year and just had a blast - you loved it so much!  It was fun to see you - but also a little scary as you weren't always totally in control.  :)

We had another year of you and me being day-time buddies while everyone else was at school or work.  I really liked having you around - well, for the most part.  You were my side-kick wherever I went - we did a lot of grocery shopping and lots of school-stuff at Northside.

Speaking of Northside . . . you hung out with me there all the time.  You attended PAC meetings with me, "helped" me make copies, etc., - you even came to Emmy's class a few times with me when preschool was canceled last minute.  You are already a well-known figure at Northside.  And you'll be starting school pretty much the day after your birthday!  You're excited and you're ready (you wrote your entire name on your school folder today:  Lucy Dee Maxwell.  Awesome).  Me?  I'm excited for you, but will miss you tons and tons.  You're one of my best-friends.

But it's time for you to begin your next adventure at school - for more learning and living.  I'll know you'll do great and be great because you are great.

I love you so very much birthday girl!  Love,