Monday, August 22, 2016

East Coast - Annapolis

We spent the next day at Annapolis and truly fell in love with that city.  Ben had signed up for an all-day sailing lesson and so we decided to come along and hang out.

 We took him to his sailing lesson first and got to explore the beach.

 We ended up finding a lot of jellyfish - all dead I'm pretty sure.  It was pretty exciting!

 We spent a couple of hours here just exploring the shore and finding all sorts of beach-treasures.  :)

 There is Ben sailing away . . . He enjoyed his lesson!

 We left the beach area and explored the town a bit.  We ate lunch at this dock and saw the hundred of sailboats in the Bay!

 We walked up and down the cool brick-roads and found this gem - Annapolis Ice Cream.  They make their ice cream daily in their store.  They have super awesome flavors, too.  Lucy had lemon poppy, Miles gingerbread, Emmy coconut chocolate, Jonas lemon, and me - vanilla nutella.  All yummy.  (In fact, after we picked up Ben from his sailing class, I brought him back here and let him get one - he got oatmeal raisin and loved it.)

In my online search of what to do with kids in Annapolis, I came across this pirate adventure cruise and so I called and signed us up.  It turned out to be super cute and fun for the kids - and I enjoyed watching them and the cool breeze (it was hot and humid that day, too!).

 The kids got "tatoos" on their arms before we left.  Here they are practicing "all hands on deck."  Haha.

The kids found a map and had to do all these adventures to find some treasure.

 Lucy getting ready to blast water at Pirate Pete.

 Jonas "firing" at Pirate Pete.

 Two cute pirates.

The crew.

We all had a good day!


erinmalia said...

I love that tourists come and do things even I never have! So I guess I better put this on our list. And dude, that ice cream was delicious.

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Mom and I occasionally (always) stop by for the Italian ice we find here in Germany. It seems that's your sailboat is larger than the one Ben is on.