Wednesday, August 24, 2016

East Coast - D.C. and the Beach

On Thursday we went back to D.C. to check out the Smithsonians.  We went to the American History and the Natural History museums.  I think the first ended up being a favorite of most of our group - maybe due to its not being as crowded!  Miles probably liked the Natural History museum best.  Again, Miles could have spent and entire day in each one - rather than a couple of hours.

 Here we are in downtown D.C. in front of the Washington monument.  I liked being downtown and could probably just walk around the town all day - if it wasn't super hot and humid, of course!

 The cousins, minus an Ollie, in front of the Smithsonian.

 Miles taking a picture of . . . something.

 Cute Emmy in D.C.

Again, another afternoon of swimming and evening of olympics.  (And, as always, thanks to Erin for meal planning and prep!  It was always delicious!)

On Friday my sister took the day off and we went to Terrapin Beach on the Chesapeake Bay:
 Again, the water was warm!

 Again, we saw lots of jellyfish - only this time, they were alive!  So there wasn't much swimming at this beach!

 But you can always do handstands on the sand!

 The kids did like to catch the jellyfish and keep them in buckets.

 I helped Lucy build a sandcastle.  Very beachy, right?

 Beach-looking Miles.

Ben took a walk with the kids and found this great spot - where the river came in and so there were no jellyfish in this spot!  Perfect, now the kids were able to swim (although it was a little shallow!).

 The kids liked to just float down with the current.

 A floating Emmy.  :)

 Yay, a having-fun Lucy!

 More floaters . . . haha.
 Ahhh, the kids having fun!

 They liked to have the waves come and splash into their faces.  Kids.  :)

 Byebye beach!  It was grand.

Since we were right by Annapolis, Ben wanted to go and get some ice cream again.  :)
 Cute kids checking out the map.

  Uncle Chuck and the cousins in front of the yummy ice cream store!

 See how cool the town is?!

That little girl is pretty cool, too.  And adorable.


erinmalia said...

Wahoo for the beach! Boo for the jellies. Next time we'll plan an overnight trip to the Atlantic. It will be awesome.

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Looks like so much fun! Mom and I love Annapolis; it's a very special place.