Monday, August 29, 2016

East Coast - Fort McHenry

Wednesday was our last day.  We had decided to go to the beach - one that was near my old home in Virginia.  So, of course, a stop-over in Montclair was going to happen!  However, that morning, Erin - thankfully - was reading up on the beach we had decided on and found out there was no swimming there.  What?!  So that was out.  We didn't want to go back to a beach on the Chesapeake Bay as there were jellyfishes everywhere.

So we finally decided on going to Fort McHenry and it was pretty cool!
 We watched an information video about the significance of Fort McHenry and then the screen lifted as the Star Spangled Banner was played - revealing the flag in the backdrop (not the original flag, but original location.  We had already seen the original flag at the Smithsonian!).  It was pretty cool.

 These boys were cute and a good little military marching band!

 The "soldiers" behind Jonas were the "flute and fife" players.  They were really, really good and it was fun listening to them!

 Two sisters in front of the American flag.

 Cousins on cannons.

 Maxwell kids on cannons.

 After we toured the fort, we went back to the Hubands' home and went . . . swimming!  Again, the kids had a great time.  We watched more olympics that night as well.

 The cousins usually got a popsicle treat in the evening.  A good way to end many good days!

We had to leave early the next morning - like 4:20am early.  And, unfortunately, my sister's whole family had to take us since we couldn't all fit in one car.  But they were troopers about it and we sure appreciated all that the Hubands did for us that whole trip!

The National Airport (or Reagan airport) was so speedy!  We got through check-in and security in like 25 minutes!  (In contrast, on our way out it took us close to 1 1/2 hours.)  Here we are at the airport waiting to board.  I passed out tic-tacs for all the kids - Lucy was last in picking out hers and ended up with a not-so-favorable flavor.  Hence the tears.  :)  But she quickly calmed down and had eaten all her tic-tacs within an hour of our flight!

The flight was so speedy that we arrived like 40 minutes early!  We had to wait to "park" as another airplane was still there loading.  We had no problems with baggage or anything; Grandpa Max picked us up and we were back in Littleton by 10:30!

Wow, what a great trip!  Lucky us!

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erinmalia said...

Ollie on the cannon...hahahaha. That kid. He's probably sitting in kindergarten just like that right now. Glad the return trip was so easy! I hate getting up early but man, early flights are the BEST. So worth it. And please, any excuse to give our kids an early bedtime and we'll take it. :)