Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Emmy's 9th Birthday:

 What?!  That can be right with how many fingers she is holding up . . . so crazy that my Emmy is 9.

 Of course she didn't waste much time in opening her one-present in the morning!

 We went swimming at the Ouray Hot Springs and it was fun!

 The kids (and parents!) got a special birthday lunch:  Nutella and banana sandwiches on homemade white bread (which is such a "treat" for us!) and raspberries.  Yum.  The weather got stormy and so we left - but we had fun and were ready to go anyways.  :)

Emmy opened all her gifts when we got back.
 Here she is working on her lego plane.  :)

She finally finished it - maybe after a tear or two was shed and some help given.  :)  She loves it.  We ate a yummy dinner of tilapia (she had 3) and rice.  Then we watched "Mrs. Doubtfire."  It had a few more cuss words and crude remarks than Ben and I remembered, but it was a pretty good movie.

We stopped at half-time for cake and homemade peanut butter ice cream (Emmy doesn't love PB but she wanted that for ice cream.  And guess what?!  She didn't really like the ice cream.  :)  It was kind of different . . .)
 Emmy picked this cake out with me during a pinterest search.  She was so excited and didn't tell anyone about it.  She LOVED how it turned out and was so sweet and super excited about it.  It was a nice thanks for me.  :)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . .


erinmalia said...

happy birthday dear emmy, happy birthday to you! (i finished the song for you, if you didn't notice.)

looks like a great day for that special girl!

oh, in every movie there are always way more swears and crude things than i remember! haha.

Niederfam said...

Happy belated birthday to Emmy. Aren't "girl" Lego's the cutest.....The cake is AMAZING. Yay you and pinterest!