Sunday, September 18, 2016

Courthouse Mountain

So I've wanted to hike Courthouse for a while and finally got the chance last Monday.  I went up with a few friends and had a perfect day of hiking - it was awesome!  Brigham came along, as well as 2 other dogs.  The hike itself is pretty short - 3.8 miles round-trip.  But you climb 2,000 feet and so it's pretty steep.  There is some rock-scrambling at the end and just really steep - but it was fun and I loved it!

 The view at the top was stunning in all directions!  Here comes dog Annie and owner Melissa.

 Melissa and her dog Annie at the top.  It was windy and when the sun was behind the clouds (which was 90% of the time) it was chilly!  Yay!

 My cool hiking buddy.

 I'm always happy when hiking.  :)

 This is another friend that came - Dawnell.  Melissa's dog really likes her.  :)  Another gal, Jody, came and brought her son and grandson and granddog.  :)  So there were six humans and 3 dogs.

 I love the jagged-rock look!

He's the coolest.  :)

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erinmalia said...

This is so awesome! You're pushing Alaska's ratio of pets to humans, you know.