Monday, September 05, 2016

Goblin Valley, trip 4 (I think!)

So we went on a short-but-awesome trip to Goblin Valley.  My kids LOVE this place and don't care that it is an almost 4-hour drive there.  I really think it's one of their favorite places to go.  Ben and I think it's pretty great, too!  We headed out after lunch on Friday (the kids were out of school and Ben's work didn't have any surgeries going on . . .) and made it home Saturday night in time for the 8:30 BYU football game.  :)  I have a TON of pictures, so here I go:

 We basically got to the Goblin Valley area and found our campsite and set-up.  I am sad this is the only picture I got - it was a really cool nook and I just didn't get a great shot of it!  The kids loved this campsite and we are calling it "Camp of the Disappearing Green Poop."  That's a disgusting story that I don't wish to share.  It will be a family secret.  :)

 The kids didn't take long to start exploring and climbing!  Can you find the boys?

 Zoomed in - there they are!

 After we cooked and ate dinner, we went to Goblin Valley State Park and explored!  We need to go when it's cooler so the kids can spend the entire day there!  Yep, we brought Brigham along.

 This place is just so cool - and I LOVE that kids are just allowed to climb and explore.  It's the perfect "playground," as it calls itself.

 So fun!  Miles always wanted to go to the very top of everything.  We didn't always let him . . .

 We made it to the top of this "white" hill and had a great vista.  So amazing.


 As you walk around this place you just feel like you're on another planet.  It's crazy cool.

 Of course they had to go and explore the cave.  Emmy was scared for Miles as he kept going in further and further.  She'll be a great mother someday.  :)

 Jonas!  Shirtless!  He had a bloody-nose and I didn't want it all over his shirt.  :)  This was the first of many, many bloody-noses he had on this trip.

 Where's Miles?!

 Haha, I have the PERFECT blackmail picture ever.

 Oh this was a dandy of a story.  The kids were running all around and it was getting a little dark.  Jonas and Emmy were "black ninjas" and Lucy was a "green ninja" (aka, Ninja in training).  Well Lucy ended up jumping in to a big mud puddle.  We all thought it was pretty funny.  But not Lucy - she does not like getting messy or wet.  She was not happy.  We wanted a picture but she just ran away from us . . . .we eventually convinced her to just take off her shorts.  That made her a little happier.  :)

 We got back to camp, got our PJs on, ate some treats, went in our tent, played some Bop-It, then went to bed.  It was a nice and uneventful night.  Oh, except Miles went out to the bathroom and saw a shooting-star - just what he wanted to see!

 Breakfast on the rocks, anyone?

 We headed out for our hike by about 8:30.  We've hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon a bunch and so this time we wanted to do the loop hike - combining LWH with Bell's canyon.  We went backwards from what most everyone does - and went up Bell's Canyon and then out LWH.  8-miles in all!

 This was the first of several (several meaning close to 10?) spots in which Brigham needed some help.  Ben literally had to pick him up and carry, shove, or do something to get Brigham up and over or even down.  Brigham apparently does not like rock-scrambling!  But he enjoyed all other aspects of the hike.  :)

 We had a "big" water-crossing in Bell's and that made for an adventure.  Brigham swam across but then needed to be hoisted over the rocks.  It was a fun time at this spot!

 Jonas made it on his own!

 Lucky Emmy.  Great Dad.

 Lucky Lucy.  Great Dad.

 Here were are getting out of Bell's slot-canyon.  It was a neat canyon and we're glad we finally did it!

 This idea came from my sis:  giving the kids "power beans" (or whatever she calls them!).  Yeah for skittles!

 Lunch time.  "Great Dad" taking a well-deserved break and resting his feet some.

 Emmy having some fun jumping off the rocks!

 Lucy was the Queen of "Take my picture!"  :)

 Jonas' 4th or 5th bloody nose!  Poor kid.

 What a cool hiker chick.

 We were getting close to entering in to Little Wild Horse canyon at this point.  So beautiful!

 We finally made it to the slot-part of Little Wild Horse canyon.  It's just so cool!

 What a cute, little hiker.  :)  She hiked for probably 6 of the 8 miles - not bad at all!

 Jonas found and caught a friend.  No, we didn't take him home.


 This is such a fun place!

 A messy, yet beautiful, Emmy Ryan.

 The kids in their "hole-homes."  Awesome.

 Me trying to make amends with Brigham (I had given him a shove or two or three to get him down some rocks.  I felt badly about it!).  I think he still loves me.  :)

 A boy and his gatorade.

 We had a "before" picture and here is the "after."  A little more tired and dirty, but still happy.  They did such a great job on the hike!

So did Brigham - except at times.  :)  He's a fun guy to have around . . . but I'm not sure I'd take him to Goblin Valley again . . .

We headed out and even got to have dinner at Cafe Rio in Junction on the way home.  And we made it in time to unpack, send out emails (Ben - church stuff), get sharing time ready (me), and watch the BYU football game.  A fun weekend!

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erinmalia said...

these pictures are incredible! i trust you didn't push any hoodoos over??? :) and the distance your kids can hike? unbelievable to me. my boys would DIE and then i would die from all their whining.

go hiking power beans!