Thursday, September 08, 2016

Last But Not Least . . .

Happy birthday to my mother!  (Although she's probably in bed, or close to it, by now - German- time is about 9pm.)

I learned a lot from my mother in my 37 years and have no doubt I'll continue to learn more.  :)

A random bit of info:  I never beat my mom in a full tennis match (maybe I would win a game or 2, but never a match).  Perhaps we should have some re-matches . . .  her "old" age may be my advantage.  But probably not.

Anyways, my mom is pretty fantastic and so I hope she had a fantastic day!  Love you!

P.S.  Be glad you live far away or else this might have happened:

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erinmalia said...

This summer we'll have a tennis tournament. :) I know I'll be out in the first round.