Friday, September 30, 2016

We Went on a Date

Ben and I don't get out too often, so when his worked had no surgeries scheduled and so told all the staff to stay home on Thursday, Ben and I took advantage and went mountain biking.  It was awesome and fallish - perfect!

 We started up in the aspen forest and it was beautiful - and a little wet and rainy.  Brigham was loving it, as were Ben and I.

 So fun!

 We had done the first part of our biking adventure a couple times before.  But this time our original stopping place became our half-way point; we joined up to another trail and just kept going.  It was like a single-track path at this point and very beautiful and fun.

 Brigham always adds to our adventures.  In ways like pooping out balloons (thanks, kids!), charging and barking at all the cows that were near us, and getting a cactus stuck to his paw - which, by licking, became stuck to his tongue and then chin (for a moment I thought he had swallowed it!).  Luckily Ben pulled it out - and another little cactus piece on his paw.  Poor guy.  He probably ran like 15 + miles with us.  He did get tired near the end and slowed us down just a teeny-tiny bit (but by the 3rd hour mark, Ben and I were a bit tired ourselves!).

 We aren't the selfie type of people . . . more like the "couplie," as I'll call it.

 This was a steep and cool section of the tail.  Ben rocked it on his country-bike, riding it down the whole way.  I tried more than Ben thought I would (he thought I would walk my bike down it all - but I probably rode a little more than half!), so I did okay.  Look at how beautiful it is (and how handsome Ben is. . . :).

 I got this sticker from my father-in-law months ago and love it.  :)

The scenery was awesome!

We finished off the date with some hot cocoa and just a few minutes to spare to go and pick up the kids from school.

What a super fun day!

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erinmalia said...

Ahhhh, I lOVE day dates! I think Ben should call in sick more often, especially now that the kids are in school all day. :)