Friday, October 21, 2016

2016-17 School Pictures

So I let my kids pick what they wanted to wear for their school pictures . . . kind of.  But it was a mess because 1.  my kids don't really have a sense of "style" and what would look good for pictures and 2.  apparently I was behind on the laundry because my girls had hardly anything to choose from.  Ha!  So Ben and I did give them some gentle guidance . . .

My girls are practically twins in their pictures.  It's what they picked!  And Jonas, wait for this:

 Lucy, Kindergarten, Mrs. Arrechea.

 Emmy, 3rd grade, Mrs. Latham.

 Jonas, 5th grade, Mrs. Kohout.  Yes, that is Jonas' coat.  No, that's not what he picked to wear.  It's just that he forgot to take it off for pictures!  What a goof.  (I'm not blaming the photographer, but really?  He could have said something . . . :)  Jonas told me that day that he had forgotten to take off his coat and I told him he could buy his re-takes.  But then I thought about it and thought it would just be funny.  And, as Jonas said when he got his pictures, "I look good!"  He's right.  Coat and all.  :)

Miles, 7th grade, lots of teachers.


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Cute, Cute, Handsome, and Handsome! We love our grandchildren.

erinmalia said...

hahaha. hilarious. but also adorable! but mostly hilarious (for jonas at least). did i tell you rhett wore the same shirt for 2nd and 3rd grade? awesome. and ollie looks like he's pooping so we did retakes. our retakes are free as long as you return the originals. crossing my fingers for better!