Saturday, October 01, 2016


So the Black Canyon Sprint Triathlon was today, October 1st.  We were all excited for it!  I have a gazillion pictures because there are just too many cute ones - sorry, but not really.  :)

 Team Wilson - Jonas, swimmer; Miles, biker; and myself (Emily) as runner.

 Team Brigham - Ben, swimmer; Lucy, biker; and Emmy as runner.

 There we all are waiting to start - Jonas and Ben were set to begin their swims at 8:20 and I think that is close to when they did start.

 Isn't he the cutest swimmer!?

 Gotta love his number - makes him look all the more official.

 Jonas was in first - he had to swim 100 meters, or 2 laps.  He did the freestyle, the backstroke twice, and then finished up with the freestyle again.  I watched him on his first lap and he looked good!

 Jonas doing the freestyle.

 Jonas doing the backstroke.

 Then he was out and ran to meet up with Miles!  He was a little cold at this point.  :)

 What a goofy picture - but what else do except from two brothers on their exchange?!

 Miles got his bike (well, really, my bike) - ready to do his 10K ride.

 And Miles was off!

 I ran back inside and was able to catch Ben swimming - he's at the top of the picture.  He had to do 10 laps and didn't stop once.  Go Ben.

 Lucy and Emmy were waiting for their turns to go!

 The Ben-and-Lucy exchange!  How cute!

 There Lucy was with her bike - ready for her 5k ride.  Ben rode alongside her.

 There she goes!

In the meantime, we kept looking for Miles as he had to do the 5K loop twice.  We didn't see him and didn't see him - so I was worried that he either was just going super-slow or had a flat.  But it turns out that we just missed him the first time around. Miles made it back in record-time for him and I was off.  I had handed my camera to Patty and so we didn't get any pictures of Miles coming back and me heading out.

 While I was out running, Ben and Lucy made it back!  Ben said Lucy was awesome and was really pushing herself.  Cute, cute.

 Cutest. Exchange. Ever.  :)  Now it was Emmy's turn to run!

 Emmy had a 2k to run and did amazing - under 10 minutes.  What a running-rock star.

 Emmy was so excited about her time and told me over and over and over and over how fast she ran it.  I was so happy for her!  What a cute, little runner.

 Two besties - whether they know it or not!

 Yay for Team Brigham!  They had finished their relay triathlon!

 Then I finally made it back!  I think I had a decent time, but I'm not sure yet.  :)  It was fun.

 Yay for Team Wilson - we were now all done!

 The whole Maxwell triathlon gang.

We hung out for a little bit and then went home.  I wanted to get a picture of the backs of our shirts:
 Cute, cute - kids and shirts.  :)

 Here you can see it a little better.  Ben helped me out bunches and we were happy with how they turned out.  We got lots of compliments on them at the race.  :)

Then we went back to the awards ceremony at 1pm.  And silver-place in the Family Team division was . . .
 Team Wilson!  Wahoo!

And gold-place went to . . .
Team Brigham!  YAY!  (Okay, so turns out there were only two teams competing in the family division . . . :). Not only did they win a gold medal and bragging rights, but they also get to choose a movie and treat for our FHE on Monday.  Awesome.

The kids all enjoyed the whole event, and, of course, were super excited about their medals

What an awesome experience . . . we all can hardly wait to do it again next year!

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Seriously so cool. How have you never done this before?!