Monday, October 31, 2016

Family Halloween Party

So the girls decided on their own to host/throw a Halloween party for our family.  Emmy made "Family Letter" signs and posted them throughout the house.  So on Saturday night we had our little party.  I had helped the girls with coming up with the games and activities and treat.  We played Halloween charades, Pin the Spider on the Web, and Halloween Scattergories.  It was fun.  Then the activity was blind-folding people and taking them in to the cellar (the party was held in the basement) to feel bits and pieces of a zombie/monster/thing that the girls had caught and destroyed.  There were bat ears (prunes), zombie brains (spaghetti), monster eyes (peeled grapes), mummy teeth (corn kernels), witches' fingers (sliced carrots), and the best/worst according to everyone:  werewolf tongue (sliced bananas).  That activity was a hit and the boys really enjoyed it!  We had pandora playing a fun Halloween station for our music.  Then we had a fruit-pizza done in a "Day of the Dead" decor.  I made the cookie and frosted it; the girls decorated it all on their own.  It was a fun evening.  Even Jonas, who thought it was going to be lame, said that it was fun and much better than he thought.  :)

I only got a few good pictures:
 The girls had fun cutting up fruit and decorating the sugar-skull cookie.  :)

Cute, cute and yum, yum!


erinmalia said...

Those girls can come throw a Halloween party for us any time! Man, this would NEVER occur to my boys.

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Sounds like a very fun activity.