Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My New Life

So my "new" life, sans kids during the day, is not quite what I had imagined. . .

I thought I would have so much time . . . time to organize a cleaning schedule and do some cleaning project every day or at least every week, time to ride my bike to all my errands (except my monstrous grocery-trips), time to do a craft or two, time to hike and play.


Real life has not worked out that way, sadly.

I have worked all but two weeks that my kids have been in school.  And one of those weeks the kids were off for a day, so it wasn't even a full-week of sans kids.  This week will be my third week off and, alas, the kids have Monday and Tuesday off.  Funny.

So when I work, I feel like three of my five days are full.  Even though I work two night-shifts.  Tuesdays I go in to Lucy's classroom in the morning, and then I nap in the afternoon.  I get my kids and then am running the girls to gymnastics, helping with homework, and making dinner.  Then I'm off to my "other" job.  All night long.

On Wednesdays I come back from work and make my kids' lunches and then get them up and ready and out for school.  I then sleep from about 8-2.  I go and get my kids and then I take Lucy to her music class.  I run with Brigham while Lucy is in class, and then we come home and I'm still running - just in the house as I shower, get dinner made, help with homework, etc., etc.  It's busy.  And then I get to go to work all night again.

On Thursdays I do the same thing in the morning - lunches, kids off to school.  I sleep for just a few hours and then I'm up.  I go for a bike ride and then come back and get ready to go to school.  I go to Emmy's and Jonas' classes and then it's time for the kids to come home from school.

(Last week was even more crazier as I had to get up earlier on Wednesday to help set-up/get ready a dinner for the teachers.  Then Thursday I had to take Brigham to the vet - super bad ear infection - and go to an assembly to see Emmy get an award, and, to top it off, it was short day so the kids were home at noon.  And then I had the entire afternoon basically full of parent-teacher conferences.  In 31 hours, I got 1 hour and 45 minutes of sleep.  Not that fun.)

So, on those weeks that I work, I really only have Monday and Friday "off."  Sure, I have done a hike and a fun bike ride - but that's about it for the "fun stuff."  Mondays and Fridays are usually my catch-up days - lots of banking/accounting stuff, grocery list-making (takes forever!) and grocery shopping, working on PAC stuff for school, church calling, laundry, possibly picking up the house or mopping, etc.

I'm not totally complaining.  It's just been not quite what I wanted or expected for this phase of my life.  But it's also okay and probably good in the long run. . .

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erinmalia said...

DUDE. Maybe you need to say no to something(s)? This sounds insane! Or your school system needs to stop with all the short days and holidays. This is ridiculous. :)