Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

For the third year in a row we went up to Studt's pumpkin patch in Grand Junction.  I got a group together and so we were able to get an awesome group-rate, which included a pumpkin.  Awesome.  Our family - minus Ben, but plus Miles' friend Malachi - went, along with Patty and Ivan, and the Coon family and the Dixon family and the Baker family.  With such a big group, our kids were everywhere!  But they all had a great, great time!

 This year they added a smaller slide - the slides are always a hit with all the kids.  So fun!

 A trip up to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without a picture of kids jumping off the hay-stack into the corn pit.  This represents only half of the kids that were there with our group!

 Lucy was a little scared and didn't jump with the group.  So then she cried.  So then we cheered her on - with Emmy being her greatest cheerleader - and she jumped.  :)

 The inflated orange-things are always fun to bounce on.  I think Miles looks super-imposed in this picture; he's just walking on the pumpkins. . .

These two boys and Jonas and Ivan went in to the corn-maze.  They were out in under 30 minutes.  Later, Ivan and Jonas took Emmy and Holly (Emmy's good friend from preschool and church, and whom Ivan and Jonas have a crush on) back in to the corn-maze.  I'm glad they are old enough to do that on their own - I'm not a fan of mazes!

 Lucy and Lila having fun going down the slide together.

 Emmy looking cute as she pumps water for the duck race.

 A running-all-over-the-place red-faced Emmy and her friend.  The kids got to go in the petting zoo - full of rabbits, alpacas, sheep, goats, and pigs.  Then there was the aviary - full of scary birds, especially a gigantic turkey.

 My bunch, including Malachi.

 My silly bunch - that's a classic Miles-face.  Malachi does a pretty good impression of it.

My favorite spot - the cool display of pumpkins!

It was a fun day - we left at 9 and got back at 5.  Fall is so great!  (Although it was actually way too hot - like 80 degrees.  Ugh.)

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erinmalia said...

So fun! I think these pumpkin patches are all about the same. Same ducks, same slides, etc. Good things the kids love all of it! And dude, we're getting into the mid-80s this week! Ridiculous.