Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

On Friday we had planned to go and cut down our Christmas tree.  We haven't been around for the past few Thanksgivings and so the family has gone the first week of December.  However, I haven't been able to go the past couple of years because I have been in Moab running my annual Winter Sun 10K with friends.  So I was happy to make it this year!

Brigham loved getting out and playing in the snow!  I didn't think we'd have snow, but as we got up higher, the snow showed up!  Yeah!

Lucy melts my heart.

Seeing as tree-cutting permits are only $8, we ended up getting two permits so we could cut down 2 trees - one for the kids upstairs and one for the family in the living room.  This was the kids' tree.  :)

Brigham and I love being in the great outdoors.

Miles spends most of his time outside eating snow.  At least he knows to stay away from the yellow snow.

Jonas sawed the kids' tree.  Go Jonas!

Here was our family tree - it was pretty tall!  It gave us a lot of extra boughs that we made in to a wreath and some other decor for the outside of our home - pretty, pretty.

Here's the gang lugging our trees back to the car.

Whoops, Miles fell down the slope because of the momentum from the tree.  :)  Hehe.

The group enjoying some hot chocolate.  Yum.

Emmy was not excited about Brigham having to join them in the backseat (the bed of the truck was full of trees!), but she survived.  :)

It was another good tree hunt!  

Thanksgiving 2016

Since Ben had to work through Wednesday and I was scheduled to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we decided we should just stay home for Thanksgiving.  It turned out that I worked Tuesday night and then more than half of the patients went home on Wednesday, so I was called off late afternoon on Wednesday.  I was not disappointed - even though the holiday pay would have been great.  I still prefer my family and home to making money - ha.  :)

As life is so busy, it was nice to have a low-key Thanksgiving with just our crew.  Of course we missed our extended family, but it was relaxing to just stay at our home.

The kids were all assigned a part of our Thanksgiving feast.  Of course I still had to help each child - with the exception of Miles.  Miles was on his own for the pumpkin pie.  Anyways, I'll just let the pictures show our Thanksgiving:
 Wednesday evening I helped Jonas out with his assignment - sweet potato casserole.  I knew that Brigham loves sweet potatoes - but I didn't know he loved the skins as well.  Silly pup.

 Wednesday night found these two boys getting the pies ready!

 Ben made the crust and then divided it in two. UPDATE:  I just found out that Miles made his crust "from memory."  So Miles made the entire thing himself; I didn't even "oversee" it!  :)  When Ben and Miles were rolling out their crusts, Ben told Miles that he needs to think about how he was going to get the crust in his pie plate - as Miles was just rolling out the crust on the table.  Miles' reply went something like this:  "Dad, we have discussed this very thing in detail [in his Home Ec. class at school] and have watched a lot of videos.  I'm going to roll the crust up on the roller and then unroll it over the dish."  And guess what?!  It totally worked.  Go Miles.

 Miles and his first real-sized pie made by him!

We had a pretty chill morning - I went for a run.  Ben, myself, Miles, and Brigham went for a walk.  We watched the Macy's parade on and off.  Then it was time to play some Kubb.

 It turns out that I was the deciding factor on which team won . . . whatever team I was on . . . won.  :)

 Go Lucy!

 Go Emmy!

 Go Ben!

 Go Jonas!

 Go Miles!

Team Brigham succeeded in beating Team Wilson multiple times.  :)  It was good to get out on a nice Thanksgiving day.  Then it was back in to the kitchen to finish up all the food . . .

 Lucy was in charge of the green-bean casserole.  Cute.  I didn't get a picture of Emmy and her cranberry salad (which we made on Tuesday).  But she did great and it was yummy, too.

 Our kids at our Thanksgiving feast.  Fun, fun.

How our kids usually behave . . .

The rest of the day was spent watching Jack Frost (tradition), playing Harry Potter Clue (Jonas won!), playing Spoons, eating pie, etc.

It was a good day and we all have much to be thankful for . . . especially our family, friends, and faith!

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like . . . Thanksgiving and Christmas . . .

So while Ben and I are not fans of putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving, that didn't stop us from letting the kids (mainly Miles) decorate their bedroom doors.  However, Emmy is really opposed to Christmasy things right now because it just makes her too excited - she doesn't want to even start thinking about Christmas until December.  :)  So the girls' bedroom door is a nice compromise.

I actually think it looks lovely!  The kids have gone crazy with making gifts for each other - I think a lot might be colored pictures . . . or sewn things by Miles.

We got some cupcake things from our elderly friend and the kids made their turkey cupcakes:
Cute, cute!  (P.S.  Yes, that's some chocolate frosting above her lips.  :)

Here is Emmy's haircut, even though it's really hard to capture it in a picture:

Love her.  Love her hair.  (P.S.  Yes, that's some chocolate frosting on her neck.  :)

Let the Holiday Season begin!  Yay!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Some odds and ends

Well it's busy around here - as always.  Ben has been super busy at work these past few months - working every Monday (pretty much) at the hospital assisting Dr. Singh, and then just long days at the surgery center.  I think everyone's deductibles are spent and so they are doing whatever surgery they need - for "free."  :)

I ended up working three nights this week.  Blah.  It was a lot.  I don't sleep great during the days - getting about 5 hours of sleep.  Oh, except for Thursday when I was supposed to get up earlier, but set my alarm for 11:30 PM instead of AM - thus I overslept (I woke up at 2!) and missed my kids' flu-shot appointments.  Awesome.

I'm glad to be done with work for a few days . . . and, actually, Ben got the day off today (!) and Monday (!).  We rode Miles to school and then went to the swimming pool and . . . swam.  :)  Then, on our way home, we stopped off at Main St. to check out a new little market store that's opening soon - and some guy inside saw us peeking in and invited us in and gave us a little preview of the store.  :)

Here are a few random pictures from the week:

 I just took this one morning.  The girls dressed themselves as sort-of twins.  Cute, cute.

 So there was a Cub Scout Pack meeting this week.  I had to work and so Ben got to be pinned with the "mother's" pins.  Nice.  :)

 We were told nothing about Jonas getting his Arrow of Light until that day.  He isn't quite finished with everything and so I wasn't expecting it (he will finish by his birthday).  I was totally bummed that he was getting that award that night as I had to work and miss it.  Super sad.  But oh well - congrats to Jonas!  This picture is his "crossing-over" - going from Cub Scouts to Scouts.

I might have overslept and missed the kids' flu-shots, but we made it in time for Emmy's hair-cut appointment.  Good thing because I think Emmy would have been super sad.  I actually took this picture so Emmy could see the back of her hair.  She loves it.  And, yes, I need to get a front shot of her!

So no pictures of Miles.  So I'll just brag about his mid-term report card:  straight A's (with maybe an A-).  He's rocking it!  Go Miles!

With me working next week, Ben decided to put the kids in charge of some of the Thanksgiving food.  Awesome.  Miles has been making pumpkin pie in his "Life Skills" class and so that is his assignment.  :)

That's it for now!

Monday, November 07, 2016

October 2016 and some Irony

October was as good month!  Fun stuff happened and it always ends on a good note with Halloween!

So for some irony:  I was supposed to have 2 weeks off.  But last week, due to some very unfortunate family crisis of our manager's, I was scheduled for 2 nights.  Luckily, I only had to work one, but it still threw off my schedule as I was planning on 2 nights, etc.  This week I am truly "off."  Off from my nursing job, that is.

Today, Monday, I babysat Wren.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have a primary presidency meeting.  Wednesday is pretty empty - although I will be getting dinner ready for the missionaries, taking Lucy to music, etc.  On Thursday I will be going on a field-trip, as I organized it (it was a prize for the read-a-thon winners.  Luckily all three of my elementary kids will be going as well).  Later I will be going in to the classrooms.

Then Friday.  Get this:  Miles is OFF!  Ha!  It's this totally random day off for just his middle school.  Soooo classic for my week "off," right?!

I'm not totally complaining.  I mean, I don't think I'd know what to do, really, if I actually did have a week off.  :)

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Jonas' first swim meet

Jonas has been doing the swim team for about 2 months now.  His team had a little "beginner's" meet this past Saturday and so we signed Jonas up.  I actually signed him up for 2 events, but then the coaches signed him up for 3 more.  :)  He only did 25-meter races as he was a little nervous about his flip-turn.  But it was such a low-key race that some of the kids who did the 50-meter races didn't do an official flip-turn (but perhaps they got DQ'd - disqualified . . . I"m not sure).  Anyways, Jonas did the 25-meter race in backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, free, and then was a part of a relay and did the freestyle for that as well.  He told me he didn't really know how to do the butterfly and that he wasn't good at the breaststroke.  But he tried them and finished them both - albeit last in his heat.  Apparently he did something wrong (perhaps the stroke itself) and was DQ'd in the butterfly and breaststroke.

But his first race was the backstroke and he took first in his heat.  That was a fun way to start!  :)  He ended up getting 3rd (out of 5) in the backstroke, 6th (out of 7) in the freestyle, and 9th (out of 14) in the relay.  So we've got lots of room for improvement.  But now he has some race-times that he can work on beating.

He had a fun, fun time and loved it - so it was totally a success!


 This was Jonas after his first race.  He was soooo excited to see his lane number with a "1" (1st) by it.  :)

 The boys were all enthralled by one kids' game - which, amazingly, was not on an electronic device!  It was some miniature golf game/book.  Funny.

 This is a picture of Jonas in the relay race.

The girls got to hang out with me as we watched and waited for Jonas' races.  (Ben and Miles were on a temple trip.)  The girls weren't super excited about it, but hung in and did well.  :)  They were definitely Jonas' cutest fans.  :)

Go Jonas!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloween, 2016

 Lucy at her first school Halloween parade.  I mean, she's been to plenty.  But this year she was actually in it!

 There goes Emmy!

 Last but not least, Jonas.

 I hung out in Lucy's classroom for the "party."  They basically just ate food.  Kindergartners are pretty darn cute. - especially when dressed up.

 Miles dressed up Brigham as himself.  :)  I think he looked awesome!

After dinner we got ready to go trick-or-treating:
 Lucy, the beautiful pirate.

 Jonas as Michael Phelps.

 Lucy loves the pumpkin she carved.  :)

 Miles didn't really go as anything.  He just wore a cool brain-cap that we made.

 Emmy, the cute Mummy.

 Emmy, the dead Mummy.

 Our gang:  a pirate, a mummy, a brain, and Michael Phelps.

 How they really are.

 We went with Magdi and her two twins.  Magdi is from Hungary and is friends with Csilla.  Csilla is in Mexico and Magdi doesn't know anyone else and so she asked if they could come with us (we went camping together in Moab).  Of course!  The twins are 2 months younger than Jonas.  :)

 We trick-or-treated around our neighborhood and it wasn't so grand.  Hardly anyone was out and there were lots of homes not participating.  :(  Patty and Ivan had hooked up with us and Patty told us about a Haunted House in her neighborhood.

 So we finished up a few more houses in our neighborhood and then headed to the Haunted House.  It was pretty cool - what little I saw!  I had to turn around and go back - per Lucy's order.  :)  The other kids really liked it.

We went to a couple of teachers' houses in the area and then called it good.  The kids didn't do as much trick-or-treating as Miles would have liked, but they did have an awesome time and got plenty of candy.  :)

 The girls and their loot.

 Our pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!