Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloween, 2016

 Lucy at her first school Halloween parade.  I mean, she's been to plenty.  But this year she was actually in it!

 There goes Emmy!

 Last but not least, Jonas.

 I hung out in Lucy's classroom for the "party."  They basically just ate food.  Kindergartners are pretty darn cute. - especially when dressed up.

 Miles dressed up Brigham as himself.  :)  I think he looked awesome!

After dinner we got ready to go trick-or-treating:
 Lucy, the beautiful pirate.

 Jonas as Michael Phelps.

 Lucy loves the pumpkin she carved.  :)

 Miles didn't really go as anything.  He just wore a cool brain-cap that we made.

 Emmy, the cute Mummy.

 Emmy, the dead Mummy.

 Our gang:  a pirate, a mummy, a brain, and Michael Phelps.

 How they really are.

 We went with Magdi and her two twins.  Magdi is from Hungary and is friends with Csilla.  Csilla is in Mexico and Magdi doesn't know anyone else and so she asked if they could come with us (we went camping together in Moab).  Of course!  The twins are 2 months younger than Jonas.  :)

 We trick-or-treated around our neighborhood and it wasn't so grand.  Hardly anyone was out and there were lots of homes not participating.  :(  Patty and Ivan had hooked up with us and Patty told us about a Haunted House in her neighborhood.

 So we finished up a few more houses in our neighborhood and then headed to the Haunted House.  It was pretty cool - what little I saw!  I had to turn around and go back - per Lucy's order.  :)  The other kids really liked it.

We went to a couple of teachers' houses in the area and then called it good.  The kids didn't do as much trick-or-treating as Miles would have liked, but they did have an awesome time and got plenty of candy.  :)

 The girls and their loot.

 Our pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!


erinmalia said...

Emmy's dead mummy cracked me up. I'm jealous your kids get to celebrate at school! Our school hasn't done anything since Rhett's kindergarten year. What are Jonas's medals?

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

Very nice photos of everyone!!! Lucy seems like she's having so much fun...of course, they all do, really!