Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like . . . Thanksgiving and Christmas . . .

So while Ben and I are not fans of putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving, that didn't stop us from letting the kids (mainly Miles) decorate their bedroom doors.  However, Emmy is really opposed to Christmasy things right now because it just makes her too excited - she doesn't want to even start thinking about Christmas until December.  :)  So the girls' bedroom door is a nice compromise.

I actually think it looks lovely!  The kids have gone crazy with making gifts for each other - I think a lot might be colored pictures . . . or sewn things by Miles.

We got some cupcake things from our elderly friend and the kids made their turkey cupcakes:
Cute, cute!  (P.S.  Yes, that's some chocolate frosting above her lips.  :)

Here is Emmy's haircut, even though it's really hard to capture it in a picture:

Love her.  Love her hair.  (P.S.  Yes, that's some chocolate frosting on her neck.  :)

Let the Holiday Season begin!  Yay!

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erinmalia said...

Seriously. How do kids get frosting all over the place? It's so weird. Kids are weird. But cute! Love the Pilgrims on the Christmas door. We're holding out until Sunday for our house decorations.