Sunday, November 06, 2016

Jonas' first swim meet

Jonas has been doing the swim team for about 2 months now.  His team had a little "beginner's" meet this past Saturday and so we signed Jonas up.  I actually signed him up for 2 events, but then the coaches signed him up for 3 more.  :)  He only did 25-meter races as he was a little nervous about his flip-turn.  But it was such a low-key race that some of the kids who did the 50-meter races didn't do an official flip-turn (but perhaps they got DQ'd - disqualified . . . I"m not sure).  Anyways, Jonas did the 25-meter race in backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, free, and then was a part of a relay and did the freestyle for that as well.  He told me he didn't really know how to do the butterfly and that he wasn't good at the breaststroke.  But he tried them and finished them both - albeit last in his heat.  Apparently he did something wrong (perhaps the stroke itself) and was DQ'd in the butterfly and breaststroke.

But his first race was the backstroke and he took first in his heat.  That was a fun way to start!  :)  He ended up getting 3rd (out of 5) in the backstroke, 6th (out of 7) in the freestyle, and 9th (out of 14) in the relay.  So we've got lots of room for improvement.  But now he has some race-times that he can work on beating.

He had a fun, fun time and loved it - so it was totally a success!


 This was Jonas after his first race.  He was soooo excited to see his lane number with a "1" (1st) by it.  :)

 The boys were all enthralled by one kids' game - which, amazingly, was not on an electronic device!  It was some miniature golf game/book.  Funny.

 This is a picture of Jonas in the relay race.

The girls got to hang out with me as we watched and waited for Jonas' races.  (Ben and Miles were on a temple trip.)  The girls weren't super excited about it, but hung in and did well.  :)  They were definitely Jonas' cutest fans.  :)

Go Jonas!

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erinmalia said...

Way to go Jonas! I can't wait to swim with him. :)