Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

On Friday we had planned to go and cut down our Christmas tree.  We haven't been around for the past few Thanksgivings and so the family has gone the first week of December.  However, I haven't been able to go the past couple of years because I have been in Moab running my annual Winter Sun 10K with friends.  So I was happy to make it this year!

Brigham loved getting out and playing in the snow!  I didn't think we'd have snow, but as we got up higher, the snow showed up!  Yeah!

Lucy melts my heart.

Seeing as tree-cutting permits are only $8, we ended up getting two permits so we could cut down 2 trees - one for the kids upstairs and one for the family in the living room.  This was the kids' tree.  :)

Brigham and I love being in the great outdoors.

Miles spends most of his time outside eating snow.  At least he knows to stay away from the yellow snow.

Jonas sawed the kids' tree.  Go Jonas!

Here was our family tree - it was pretty tall!  It gave us a lot of extra boughs that we made in to a wreath and some other decor for the outside of our home - pretty, pretty.

Here's the gang lugging our trees back to the car.

Whoops, Miles fell down the slope because of the momentum from the tree.  :)  Hehe.

The group enjoying some hot chocolate.  Yum.

Emmy was not excited about Brigham having to join them in the backseat (the bed of the truck was full of trees!), but she survived.  :)

It was another good tree hunt!  

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erinmalia said...

holy crap. that tree was huge! i want to see it in your house AND i really want to see what you did with the extras. dying at the cost. if we want to cut our own, it's going to a tree "farm" where the trees are in nice little lines.